The F.A.Q. about the competition

Getting ready for the Tiramisù World Cup is the first step to become the next Champion: that’s why, in addition to the Rules, we have collected for you the most frequently asked questions that our Competitors of the past editions asked us!

In case of further doubts, please send us a Whatsapp message to the number +39 0422 183 4463.



Q: Can I come with a companion?
A: Of course! Admission for accompanying persons is free of charge.

Q: Can I attend the Competition as part of the audience?
A: Of course, but the location is subject to crowds control. Nevertheless, the location also allows the Competition to be viewed from the outside.

Q: Can I sign up for both categories?
A: Yes, but you will have to purchase 2 tickets. You are also allowed to participate in both categories only once per round per edition (e.g.: both categories at the round taking place in Treviso in the 2022 edition). And remember, if you make it to both Finals… You’ll have to choose which one to compete in!

Q: What should I bring on the day of the competition?
A: Remember to bring the voucher you received via email when you registered, the Competitor’s Release, all the kitchen tools to prepare the Tiramisù and the additional ingredients if you compete in the Creative Recipe.

Q: I would like my child to participate in the competition with me, is it possible?
A: No, it is mandatory to participate individually.

Q: If I make a mistake during the competition, will you give me reserve ingredients?
A: No, every Competitor will receive only one quantity of ingredients. The waste of ingredients will be negatively evaluated. Instead, it is possible to ask for extra coffee if too little has been provided by the organiser.

Q: Do I have to use the entire amount of ingredients you provide? E.g. all 250g of mascarpone?
A: No, the doses are at the Competitor’s discretion.

Q: How long will my round last?
A: The round lasts 2 hours in total, including accreditation, competition, Judges’ tasting and voting, and prize-giving. The time given to prepare the Tiramisù is 40 minutes.

Q: Do I have to use all the 40 minutes available for the competition?
A: It is not obligatory, but we advise you to make the best use of all the time available.

Q: As soon as I arrive at my desk, can I already open the ingredients?
A: No, but you can set up your cooking tools. To open the ingredients you will have to wait for the presenter to tell you that you can start.

Q: Can I change the shape of my Tiramisù if I make it to the Semifinal? If I move on to the Semifinal of the Creative Recipe, can I change the additional ingredients compared to the Tiramisù brought to the Selections?
A: You can do both, but you must be sure of the change! 🙂

Q: If I go on to the Creative Recipe Semifinal and I have a dry ingredient left over from the previous day I competed in the Selections, can I reuse it?
A: No, it is not allowed. However, we understand the peculiarities of some ingredients, and we encourage you to discuss this on site with the staff if necessary.


Q: For the creative recipe, can I replace sugar with honey or is it considered an additional ingredient?
A: It is considered an additional ingredient, so it cannot replace sugar.

Q: Can I bring ice or dry ice? Are they considered additional ingredients?
A: Yes, you can. If the purpose is to “cool” the tiramisu, they are considered competition equipment and not additional ingredients.

Q: Can I use the egg white only?
A: No, you can’t. The yolk is compulsory in both Recipes, while the use of the egg white is optional.

Q: Is water considered an additional ingredient?
A: No, it isn’t. It will be supplied together with the other basic ingredients and it is not counted as an additional ingredient.

Q: Can I use the pandoro to substitute the ladyfingers in the Creative Recipe?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If I bring two different types of chocolate for my Creative Recipe, can I consider them as one single additional ingredient, or are they two additional ingredients?
A: They are two. Two ingredients of the same origin, but different taste/brand/variant cannot be considered a single additional ingredient.
Example 1: You have one packet of ruby chocolate and one packet of hazelnut chocolate. These are TWO ingredients: although they are of the same origin (chocolate), they are two different ingredients, as they taste different.
Example 2: You have two small packs of hazelnut cream, from the same brand, but in two different packs. This is ONE additional ingredient, as it is the same thing but in two different packs (perhaps you have brought more than one as one is not enough for your recipe).

Q: Are fruit and vegetables considered as fresh ingredients?
A: Yes, they are considered as fresh ingredients since they are highly perishable.

Q: How many ingredients can I add to my Tiramisù if I compete in the Creative Recipe?
A: In the Creative Recipe you can add up to 3 ingredients, which you will have to use with the other ingredients: cocoa powder, mascarpone cheese, coffee, and eggs. Ladyfingers and sugar can be replaced.

Q: Can I bring something to decorate my Tiramisù?
A: If you are a Competitor of the Original Recipe, you may decorate the inside of the dish only with one or more of the basic ingredients. If you are a Creative Recipe competitor you may bring them but, if the decoration is on the inside of the Tiramisu dish then it must be edible, and is an additional ingredient. Both Original and Creative Recipe Competitors, on the other hand, may bring some elements (even non-edible) to decorate outside the competition dish.

Q: Can I replace the mascarpone cheese with cream/ricotta cheese/…?
A: Only if you compete in the Creative Recipe, you can add ricotta/cream/… but you can’t replace mascarpone cheese, as it is one of the compulsory ingredients of the Creative Recipe. Moreover, the additional ingredient can’t alter the nature of the Tiramisù.

Q: Which are the compulsory ingredients for the Creative Recipe?
A: The compulsory ingredients for the Creative Recipe are 6: mascarpone cheese, coffee, eggs, cocoa powder, biscuits and sugar. You can choose to replace ladyfingers with another kind of biscuits or with sponge cake, while sugar can be replaced with another sweetener.

Q: I registered for the Creative Recipe, and I want to replace ladyfingers with sponge cake. Will it be counted as an additional ingredient?
A: No, sponge cake (or biscuits) used to replace ladyfingers is not to be considered as one of the 3 additional ingredients for the Creative Recipe.

Q: How big should the Tiramisù be?
A: There is no pre-defined size, but it needs to be placed on the Competitor’s plate given by the organiser.

Q: I don’t like one of the basic ingredients provided by the organiser, as at home I use a different brand. Can I bring it?
A: No, you can’t. The basic ingredients (ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, coffee, cocoa powder, sugar and eggs) cannot be replaced in any case, except for ladyfingers and sugar in the manner provided for the Creative Recipe only.


Q: Can I bring some non-edible decorations?
A: Yes, you can do it both if you compete in the Original or Creative Recipe. The important thing is that they are placed outside the plate, and that they don’t touch the Tiramisù.

Q: Should I bring the moka pot to prepare the coffee?
A: No, we will serve the Moka coffee cool and bitter.

Q: Can I bring an electric stove or a camping stove to cook an ingredient?
A: No, it is not possible to bring electric stoves, camping stoves or any heating appliance. However, there will be a microwave available for the Competitors.

Q: Will there be a fridge or a blast chiller to put the Tiramisù to rest?
A: No, there won’t, because the judges will taste the Tiramisù right after the end of the competition. This will make the event even more competitive!

Q: Can I display my Tiramisù in glass/cup/dough cutter?
A: No, the Tiramisù must be displayed on the plate given by the organizer. Notwithstanding, kitchen tools as dough cutters can be used to assemble the Tiramisù, but they have to be removed at the end of the 40 minutes of competition.

Q: Can I bring a sheet with the written recipe?
A: Of course!

Q: Can I use the scale to weight the ingredients?
A: Yes, it is part of the competition equipment. Remember to bring it with you, since the organization will not provide it to you.

Q: Can I bring a kitchen blowtorch?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I bring a camping fridge to plug into the socket to cool down the Tiramisu while I wait for the end of the 40 minutes given?
A: No, it is forbidden. You can, however, bring dry ice or ice for cooler bags.