Judges Regulation 2023

1. Subject
The following document regulates the conditions and the procedure for the selection of the Judges of the Competition “Tiramisù World Cup 2023”(hereafter referred to as “The Competition”), – “Selections” phase, in which the Competitors will have to prepare a dessert “Tiramisù”, in compliance with an Original Recipe or a Creative Recipe, which will be brought to the judgement of dedicated Juries in order to proclaim the best Tiramisù for each category.

2. Organization
The competition is organized by The Independent Tourism Company S.r.l.s. (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”) in partnership with public and private bodies. The Organizer has full decision-making authority on the Competition an on its stages, with due regard to this Regulation, the principle of good faith and the Italian constitutional principle of non-discrimination.

3. Stages of the Competition
The Competition starts with the opening of the registration and ends with the appointment of the World Champions of Tiramisù for each Categories, and develops in the following stages:

– Registration, which are available from their opening while seats last, not later than October 5th 2023.
– Selections in Treviso, on 6th and 7th October 2023.
– Semifinals, which will take place during the morning of 8th October 2023 in Treviso.
– Finals, which will take place in the afternoon of 8th October 2023 in Treviso.

4. Admission to the Jury
Participation as a Judge at the Tiramisù World Cup is open to every natural person who is 18 years old or older from all over the world.

The selection of Judges for the Tiramisù World Cup is based on the completion of a Test with questions on the Competition rules. To take the Test, an application fee of € 2.00 must be paid, according to the procedures set out in section 6. 

To be selected it is also necessary to know the rules of the competition in the regulation and on the website tiramisuworldcup.com, proving to be expert in tiramisù.

In case of contrast about the actual qualification of the aspiring Judge, the Organizer will decide on the admission in its absolute discretion.

5. Application
Only those who will apply for their candidature according to the times and procedures indicated on the official website tiramisuworldcup.com,  and have paid for the application fee, are admitted to the selection to Judges.

Given the importance of the role with the application, the aspiring Judge, if selected, agrees to:
– Take part in the orientation briefing, which will take place on 5th October 2023 in Treviso, also via webinar;
– Take part in the round of competition to which you will be assigned to, by presenting yourself at least 15 minutes before the start of the competition at the Registration Desk;
– Keep a decent behavior, consistent with the values ​​of the Tiramisù World Cup;
– Judge correctly and impartially, paying attention to the regular performance of their turn;
– In the evaluation form calculate the sum of the scores of all the evaluation criteria for each competitor;
– In case of conflicts of interest or general or specific irregularities inform the Organizer.

For all complete rules for the Tiramisù World Cup 2023 competition and its performance, please refer to the Regulations on the website tiramisuworldcup.com

Once selected by the Organizer, the aspiring judges will acquire the status of “Judges” or “Reserve Judges”; the latter, if they give their availability, must attend the orientation briefing and present themselves in the same procedures indicated in this regulation.

6. Conditions for participation
In order to apply to become a Judge of the Competition and thus take the Test, you must pay the application fee of €2.00 through the experience provider Musement (hereinafter: “The Provider”), partner of the Organiser, listed on tiramisuworldcup.com/en/judges.

Only those who have successfully paid the fee specified above and subsequently received the confirmation e-mail from the Provider with specific instructions on how to carry out the Judges Test as well as having carried out the Test within the timeframe specified by the Organiser will be admitted to the Selection.

The payment of the application fee does not guarantee a place in the Jury, but only the opportunity to take the Test.

You can only take the Judges Test ONCE PER MUS CODE (obtainable through payment of the application fee). All further attempts made with the same MUS code even if with other e-mail addresses or other names will not be recorded.

If you would like to take the Judges Test again, you will have to make a new purchase.

When paying the application fee, it is necessary to enter the First Name and Last Name of the person who will be taking the Judges Test, not the person who is paying.

The work of a Judge, if selected, is carried out by the latter on a voluntary basis and free of charge.

7. Selection
Candidates will be selected from among those who have successfully paid the application fee and on the basis of knowledge of the competition rules and the Tiramisù recipe, from highest to lowest score and in chronological order.
The judgment of the Organizer is unquestionable and unappealable.

8. For any additional information, please refer to the official Instagram page @tiramisuworldcup and the website tiramisuworldcup.com

This regulation is edited both in Italian and in English language. In the case of discrepancy in interpretation, the Italian text shall prevail.
This regulation could be subject to progressive modifications for the organization reasons until the day before the beginning of the competition.