Become a TWC21 Judge!


You just missed the opportunity to apply as a Tiramisu World Cup 2021 Judge!

We have received many applications and we will now begin a careful selection process to find real Tiramisu experts who can best fulfill their role as Judges.

Are you a Judge or a Reserve Judge of the TWC21?

Then you can’t miss this information!

  1. The first thing to do to become a full-fledged Judge is to be accredited: you will receive your Judge Kit right now. In the email we have sent you there is the place and time in which you will be credited, don’t miss it!
  2. This year all together we follow the anti-Covid protocol that will guarantee us the maximum security during the event: READ HERE. For this reason, only you will have access to the competition structure, without accompanying persons.
    The use of a mask (certified masks: no “do-it-yourself” cloth masks) is mandatory, both for judges and competitors.
  3. Each Judge is assigned a table composed of a maximum of 8 competitors, who will evaluate together with another Judge and the President of the Jury. The President of the Jury is the contact person for the table: an expert Judge who can answer every question and support you in every phase. The competition round lasts a total of 2 hours.
  4. Check, together with the President of the Jury, that the Competitors are positioned in the right position, that they are wearing a mask and gloves, and that the competition equipment is suitable – as well as the additional ingredients of the Creative Recipe.
  5. Report any anomalies during the Competition to the President.
  6. Start by filling in the evaluation form from the Technical Execution, and then move on to the criteria of the Aesthetic Presentation: the other criteria can only be evaluated on tasting!
  7. At the time of tasting, follow the instructions of the President of the Jury on how to proceed, and then complete the evaluation form, adding up the scores of each competitor.
  8. Make sure you fill in the evaluation form correctly: if a competitor is missing, leave the score line of the corresponding position blank.
  9. Review the Competition Rules and the Evaluation Criteria: don’t be unprepared! CLICK HERE
  10. Have fun, be fair and responsible: the Tiramisù World Cup is waiting for you!