Last year, the TEAM leaded by Lisa Luison was awarded “Best Team of TWC19”. Anyway, all of the Tiramisù Stars did a grat job, along with their pupils.

This year the TEAMS are even more amazing, skilled and they gather in different parts of Italy.

– Francesca Piovesana, World Champion of Creative Tiramisù 2018, Treviso area

– Moira Bardini, Vice-Champion of Original Recipe 2018, Treviso area

– Lisa Luison, third place Original Recipe 2018, Venice area

A questi si aggiungono

Fabio Peyla, World Champion of Original Tiramisù 2019, Como area

Beatrice Castellan, Vice-Champion of Original Recipe 2019, both Imola (BO) and Treviso area

Eleonora Andronico, third place Original Recipe 2019, Udine area

Sara Arrigoni, World Champion of Creative Tiramisù 2019, Bergamo area

Rossella Favaretto, Vice-Champion of Creative Recipe 2019, Venice area

There are many good reason to join the TEAMS; in fact, you will have the chance to improve your ability of making tiramisù and of managing the competition trough the advices of your favourite Tiramisù Star.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your Team: are you interested in the Original Recipe? Then, contact your Star of the Original Recipe. Do you want to compete in the Creative Recipe category? Well, contact the Star of the Creative Recipe.
  2. Contact your Star by clicking on the name as reported above and make sure you are in: each Team can gather up to 10 participants and it’s free. Remember that you can join only one Team.
    Remember that each Star works in a specific area: Francesca Piovesana in the Treviso area,  Moira Bardini in the Treviso area, Lisa Luison in the Venice area, Fabio Peyla in the Como area, Beatrice Castellan both Imola (BO) and Treviso area, Eleonora Andronico in the Udine are,  Sara Arrigoni in the Bergamo area and Rossella Favaretto in the Venice area
  3. Follow the instruction of your Star for the signing up to the Tiramisù World Cup 2020, for the workouts schedule and for the other details;
  4. Participate to the workouts organized by the Star along with your Team mates, exchange and follow the advices. A total of 4 or 5 meeting are provided.
  5. Compete to the Tiramisù World Cup 2020 with your Team mates;
  6. Enjoy! The Team is a wonderful opportunity to exchange with a Tiramisù Star, to learn from his/her advices and to make new friends.

Please note that the participation to the Team does not give you any advantage or facilitation and during the competition each participant will be assessed according to the same criterion.

We’re waiting for you!

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