We have seen many tiramisu recipes with Pavesini this year… all to be tasted!
During the Tiramisu Global Marathon, our Star Moira Bardini prepared her personal version of the dessert during an entertaining “Pavesini Time”.
On the occasion of the Tiramisu Day 2021, we even awarded the best creative tiramisu, which won the title of “Best Tiramisu Day 2021“, made by Barbara de Col who chose the classic Pavesini.

It’s now time for the Participants in the Creative Recipe to compete in the Tiramisù World Cup and, for those who feel inspired, there will be the chance to compete for the coveted Pavesini Giveaway!

Thanks to this delicious partnership, the Participant who prepares the best tiramisu with Pavesini will win a personalised pastry class. But it doesn’t end here! The winner of the Giveaway will become a Finalist of the Creative Recipe.

Our Competitors’ tiramisu with Pavesini will be tasted by a Chef of Academia Barilla, who, in addition to the 5 evaluation criteria followed by all the Judges, will take into account a sixth criterion: Harmony of taste and perception of lightness. This criterion evaluates the harmony of tiramisu considering the balance between the pleasantness of taste and the perception of lightness. This one is given in particular by the preparation technique, structure, consistency of the ingredients, as well as presentation.

Will you prepare the best tiramisu with Pavesini? If you want to compete for the award, follow the simple instructions on the dedicated page!

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