This year the Tiramisù World Cup will proclaim two champions, one for the Original Recipe and one for the Creative Recipe.

Among the traditional recipes, the most popular ones are very similar: the recipe of the Ristorante le Beccherie in Treviso (Veneto – Venice area) and the one of the Albergo Roma in Tolmezzo (Friuli Venezia Giulia).
The list of ingredients is the same, and it inspired the two categories.
This is why it inspires the ORIGINAL category: a challenge for those who believe that tradition must be followed.

Do you prefer experimenting to tradition? Do you have a secret ingredient which makes your Tiramisù unique?
Is it the reason why your Tiramisù is the best in the world?
Choose the CREATIVE recipe.
You can replace the ladyfingers with another type of biscuits or with sponge cake, and add at most 3 additional ingredients to the basic ones, at your choosing.

Remember that, if you choose to compete in both categories… if you happen to be a Finalist, you’ll have to decide in which category to compete to become the World Champion!

See you soon!

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