Tiramisù becomes “Extra”. Only six weeks after the long weekend of the Tiramisù World Cup 2018, a lot of appointments and initiative are born to attend competitors in the race and the public who came to watch it. Tours, concerts, e-commerce and so on for the “sweetest challenge of the year”.

Six hundreds competitors are ready to arrive in Treviso and in Prosecco Hills (between Conegliano, Pieve di Soligo and Valdobbiadene) from Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th November 2018 to take part in the Tiramisù World Cup. There will be a lot of friends with them and, as we noted last year, hundreds and hundreds of curios people will attend the competition that will proclaim “who really makes the best tiramisù in the world”. Therefore, the Organizer, Twissen’s partners and the Municipality of Treviso have decided to offer participants (and not) many initiatives for tourists during their stay in the Marca Trevigiana, with tours to discover the territory of Marca, collateral activities and packages (as already for the 2017 edition) for those wishing to spend more than one day in Treviso. We create a dedicated section in our site called “Experiences” to make the initiative known; then there will be the page “Tiramisù Hotel”, which will list the hotels associated whit Confcommercio that will offer a “welcome tiramisù” to their guests. From the section you can also obtain the “Tiramisù Card”: a booklet of agreements whit bars, restaurants and businesses associated whit Fipe-Confcommercio and not only. One last big news is the “Tiramisù World Cup Extra”: a set of cultural events that allow you to enjoy Treviso in a different way, from the “Stories of Tiramisù in Treviso (on 31st October) to the “Cantata del Caffè” (on 3rd November).

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