What an amazing edition! At the Tiramisu World Cup 2021, competitors and judges returned (respectively) to compete and to taste tiramisu live! There was no shortage of emotions and we, like the public present in Piazza dei Signori, enjoyed the competition preparations with our eyes. We must admit that they made our mouths water.

200 contestants from all over the world, competing to win the title with their very personal versions of the world’s most famous spoon dessert.


Stefano Serafini, World Champion of Tiramisù

For the Original Recipe, the World Champion is Stefano Serafini (62 years old, originally from Venice), resident in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), a jeweller by profession, who competed in the “Original Recipe” dessert category by preparing his tiramisu with Lattebusche mascarpone, Vicenzovo savoiardi biscuits by Matilde Vicenzi, Hausbrandt coffee, Amadori egg yolk, Italia Zuccheri sugar and cocoa.
It is a result of love and I dedicate it to my wife Elena, my “invisible coach“, the words of the Champion!

CLICK HERE to read the Original Recipe of the Champion!

Here are the other Finalists for the Original Recipe:

In 2nd place Elena Orfei from Treviso

In 3rd place was Nicola Ottaviani from Verona, who won the Hausbrandt Prize for the tiramisu that best enhances the coffee ingredient!

Elena Bonali, World Champion of Creative Tiramisù

For the Creative Recipe, the World Champion is Elena Bonali (52 years old, originally from Milan, swimming teacher) living in Brasschaat (Antwerp, Belgium), who made her tiramisu with Lattebusche mascarpone, Pavesini, Hausbrandt coffee, Amadori egg yolk, Italia Zuccheri sugar, cocoa, melon and Parma ham. Elena, in addition to becomingWorld Champion of Creative Tiramisu, also won the coveted Pavesini Award, thanks to the positive judgement of the Chef of Academia Barilla, who will be waiting for Elena in Parma for a personalized pastry course!
I love experimenting and this time I was rewarded. It is a recipe that comes from the Italian summer, with toasted Parma ham, melon and Pavesini” the words of the Champion!
CLICK HERE to read the Creative Recipe of the Champion!

And here are the other Finalists for the Creative Recipe:

In 2nd place Erika Luis from Udine, with a delicious recipe with yuzu chocolate and hazelnut paste!

In 3rd place Barbara Marcon from Asolo, with a star tiramisu inspired by the constellation “Pegasus”: pistachio cream, raspberries and gold dust!


In the orangery set up in Piazza dei Signori in Treviso from October 7th until 10th 2021, the enthusiasm around the competition was sky-high and the quality of the tiramisu made in the competition was really high! So much so… that some people are already signing up for the next edition! DO YOU WANT TO COMPETE? Buy your entry at the special Early Bird price!

But it wasn’t just about tiramisu! This year’s theme, “Treviso and Cinema” also took shape through the TWC21 EXTRA Programme! At sunset, the Orangery was (magically) transformed several times into an “open cinema“: the events organised by Zeta Group and Restera Produzioni, with the projection of their short films, captured the attention not only of those present, but also of visitors enjoying a stroll in Piazza dei Signori! From cinema we then moved on to food and wine: the Gelato Experience with Stefano Dassie and the Academic Artisan Gelato Makers and the Wine Tasting with Ca’ Vescovado, Official Wine Partner of TWC21 sold out! Not to mention the success of the “opening” event on 7 October, which saw Treviso and the Associazione Trevisani nel Mondo, Partner of the Tiramisù Academy, as the protagonists!

If you missed the Live coverage of the Final, you can watch it on Facebook or YouTube!

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