His name is Fabio Peyla, a 40-year-old marketing officer from Uggiate Trevano (Como), and World Champion with his original Tiramisù recipe. Her name is Sara Arrigoni, a 27-year-old teacher from Paladina (Bergamo) and World Champion with her creative mojito recipe (but strictly non-alcoholic). They are the ones who triumphed in the third edition of the Tiramisù World Cup, the competition that rewards “those who really make the best Tiramisù in the world”.

Now they will fly to Brazil, guests of the Italian Embassy in Curitiba for the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, symbols of the Belpaese of the most popular and loved dessert. « I still can’t believe it – Sara Arrigoni says excitedly – . I’ve tried so many recipes and in the end this is what my friends and family have judged to be the best. It was my third year of participation and I finally won! ».

Fabio Peyla had booked to stay only one night in Treviso, but eventually had to stay for the semifinals and also for the final of the “most delicious challenge of the year”: «I had the encouragement and warmth of my family who supported me and whom I thank immensely. I managed to win, after so many Tiramisu prepared in the last few weeks to improve more and more».

The three-day event in what has been renamed “Palazzo dei Tiramisù”, in the heart of Treviso, has been a great success with the participation of hundreds of competitors and judges from all over the world: « We are proud of this edition, which has gone beyond the best expectations – says Francesco Redi, creator and organizer of the Tiramisù World Cup. My thanks go to the participants, to the supporters, to our partners, to the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, for the sensitivity shown in believing in our event from the beginning; thanks to Treviso and its municipal administration for giving us the opportunity to host the competition in Piazza dei Signori».

In addition to the World Champions, Eleonora Andronico di Gemona (but Roman of origin, ed.) and Beatrice Castellan di Valdobbiadene (but resident in Imola, ed.) also made it to the finals. For the creative recipe, at the table of the finals, led by Filippo Ferraro of RDS 100% Grandi Successi, also Rossella Favaretto from Mestre (pepper and pears), Camilla Paludetto from Feltre (amaretti, cheese and raspberries).

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