45 gr. of egg yolk Amadori
40 gr. of caster sugar Italia Zuccheri
250 gr. of mascarpone cheese Lattebusche
Savoiardi biscuits Vicenzovo Matilde Vicenzi
150 gr. of mocha coffee Hausbrandt
Bitter cocoa to taste Campagnoli 


Prepare the coffee and let it cool. Beat yolks and sugar with electric beater until mixture is very light and sugar crystals dissolved.  Add the mascarpone and mix the mixture with the electric beater to make it smooth. Set the cream aside. 
Soak the ladyfingers in coffee, arrange the cookies in the dish with the help of a square cookie cutter (11×11 cm) taking care to leave the sugared part at the top. 
Pour half of the cream over the cookies. 
Soak more ladyfingers in coffee and lay them on top of the cream, using a paintbrush to further wet the cookies. 
Pour in the remaining cream and sprinkle the cake with bitter cocoa. 
… before consuming the tiramisu, it is recommended to let it ‘rest’ at least a couple of hours in the refrigerator …Enjoy your Tiramisu!