The rules


Among the traditional recipes, the most popular ones are very similar: the recipe of the Ristorante le Beccherie in Treviso (Veneto – Venice area) and the one of the Albergo Roma in Tolmezzo (Friuli Venezia Giulia).

The list of ingredients is the same, and it inspired the two categories.


It represents the tradition and it includes the 6 basic ingredients, that must be used: ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, eggs (yolk or also white, at your choice), coffee, cocoa powder, sugar.
It does not admit any variation.



It represents the innovation and gives free rein to fantasy. It includes 6 basic ingredients that must be used: mascarpone cheese, eggs (yolk or also white, at your choice), coffee, cocoa powder, sugar and biscuits.

Two of the can be replaced, and this does not represent an additional ingredient.
It allows you to replace the ladyfingers with another type of biscuit or with sponge cake, to replace sugar with other types of sweetner.

Moreover, it allows you to add to your dessert at most 3 ingredients of your choosing.


To join the Tiramisù World Cup you must:

  1. be 18 years old, or older
  2. not be a gastronomy professional

The term “gastronomy professional” includes anyone who has worked, in the last two years and at least for 6 months (even if not continuously), in a restaurant kitchen or in a pastry laboratory on any basis. Auxiliaries (shop assistants, servers, waiters) are not to be considered as professionals.



The basic ingredients are Matilde Vicenzi’s Vicenzovo ladyfingers, Hausbrandt’s coffee, Lattebusche’s mascarpone cheese, eggs (egg yolk and white), cocoa powder and sugar.

  • We will provide them to you at the beginning of the competition: you don’t need to worry!
  • During the Selections you will get 200gr of ladyfingers, 250gr of mascarpone, coffee prepared with moka and served cool and bitter, 250ml of yolk and 250ml of egge white, 75gr cocoa powder, 1kg sugar and some still water. Remember that 1 yolk equals about 18gr off product and 1 egg white equals about 33gr of product.
  • They can’t be replaced with ingredients/products by another brand or origin.


Both the two traditional recipes which inspired the rules of the competition do not contain alcohol: that’s why you don’t have to use it or ingredients containing it to win the Tiramisù World Cup!


The additional ingredients are biscuits or sponge cake if the Competitor wants to replace the ladyfingers, and the 3 ingredients that can be used to prepare Tiramisù with the Creative Recipe.

  • The Competitor has to bring them to the competition
  • They must be edible, not expired and their package has to be intact
  • If they are dry ingredients, the Competitor will bring them autonomously to his/her desk.
  • If they are handcrafted dry ingredients (not industrially produced) made by shops such as bakeries, their package needs to be intact and it must include the production date, the expiration date and the list of ingredients
  • Home-made ingredients will not be accepted in any case
  • If they are fresh ingredients, the Competitor will have to buy them on the day of the competition and bring them to the Ingredients Drop-Off Desk at the location of the competition, at most 30 minutes after the time indicated on the receipt. Fresh fruit, as it is very perishable, is considered a fresh ingredient. The ingredients must be placed in a single cooler bag and the staff will check the receipt and mark the bag with the number assigned to the Competitor before putting them into the refrigerator. They will be brought to the Competitor’s desk at the beginning of the competition, along with the basic ingredients

Remember that you could be part of 3 different stages of the competition: the selection, the semifinal and the final.

Make sure you bring enough additional ingredients every time you compete!


The Tiramisù World Cup is an elimination competition: the best Competitor goes one stage further.

The competition includes 3 stages.

Open to
The Competitors who are regularly registered

During the Selections, the Competitors will be divided into different groups made by at most 10 people who are competing in the same category (Original or Creative Recipe): every group will have its own dedicated Jury.

The Competitor who gains the highest score wins.

Open to
The Competitors who won the Selections

The Semifinals will be a sensational challenge, involving 3 groups for the Original Recipe and 3 groups for the Creative Recipe. As for the Selections, every group will have its own dedicated Jury.

The Competitor who gains the highest score wins.

Open to
The 6 Competitors who won the Semifinals

The Final will be a unique competition!

The 3 best Creative Recipes will contest the title of World Champion of Creative Tiramisù, while the 3 best Original Recipes will contest the title of World Champion of Tiramisù, in front of a unique and really special Jury.

The winner will be the Competitor who gain the highest score in his/her category.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be the Competitor who gets the highest score in the evaluation criteria called EQUILIBRIUM.

Q: If I bring two different types of chocolate for my creative recipe, can I consider them as one single additional ingredient, or are they two additional ingredients?
A: They are two. Two ingredients, even if they come from the same origin, but that are of two differente shapes and/or in a different package cannot be considered as a single ingredient.

Q: Can I bring some non-edible decorations?
A: Yes! You can do it both if you compete in the original or creative recipe. The important thing is that they must be places outside the plate, and that they don’t get to touch the tiramisù.

Q: Should I bring something to prepare the coffee?
A: No, we will prepare it for you with a Moka, and it will be served cool and bitter.

Q: Is fruit considered as a fresh ingredient?
A: Yes, it is considered as a fresh ingredient as it is highly perishable.

Q: How many ingredients can I add to my tiramisù if I compete in the creative recipe?
A: In the creative recipe you can add up to 3 ingredients, which you will have to use with the other ingredients: cocoa powder, mascarpone cheese, coffee, and eggs. Ladyfingers and sugar can be replaced.

Q: Can I bring an electric stove or a camping stove to cook an ingredient?
A: No, it is not possible to bring electric stoves, camping stoves or any heating appliance. On the other hand, there will be a microwave available for the competitors.

Q: Will there be a fridge or a blast chiller to put the tiramisu to rest?
A: No, because the judges will try the tiramisù right after the end of the competition.

Q: Can I bring something to decorate my tiramisù?
A: Yes, but it must be something edible if you want to put it in the plate, and it represents an additional ingredient.

Q: Can I replace the mascarpone with cream/ricotta cheese/…?
A: If you compete in the creative recipe, you can add ricotta/cream/… but you can’t replace mascarpone, as it is one of the compulsory ingredients of the creative recipe. Moreover, the additional ingredient can’t alter the nature of the tiramisù.

Q: Which are the compulsory ingredients for the creative recipe?
A: The compulsory ingredients for the creative recipe are: mascarpone cheese, coffee, eggs and cocoa powder. You can choose to replace ladyfingers with another kind of biscuits or with sponge cake, while sugar can be replaced with another sweetener.

Q: Can I display my tiramisù in glass/cup/dough cutter?
A: No, the tiramisù must be displayed on the plate given by the organizer. Notwithstanding, kitchen tools as dough cutters can be used to assemble the tiramisù, but they have to be removed at the end of the 40 minutes of competition.

Q: I registered for the creative recipe, and I want to replace ladyfingers with sponge cake. Will it be counted as an additional ingredient?
A: No, sponge cake (or biscuits) used to replace ladyfingers are not to be considered as an additional ingredient.

Q: Can I sign up for both categories?
A: Yes, you can! Just remember that, if you make it to the Finals, you will have to choose in which category you want to compete!

Q: What should I bring on the day of the competition?
A: Just remember to bring the voucher you received via email when you registered, your kitchen tools to prepare the tiramisù and, if you compete in the creative recipe, the additional ingredients!

  • Arrive at your location at least 45 minutes before the beginning of your competition. First of all, bring your voucher to the Welcome Desk to check-in, to receive your Competitor’s Kit and to have information about your desk. If you have fresh ingredients to consign, go to the Ingredients Drop-Off Desk upon arrival.
  • In fact, if you compete in the Creative Recipe category and you have fresh ingredients, remember to buy them on the day of your competition and to bring them to the Ingredients Drop-Off Desk of your location, within 30 minutes from the time indicated on the receipt.
  • Bring all your kitchen tools (everything you use to prepare your Tiramisù, except for the plate on which you will assemble it). Remember that your desk has a limited space: this is why you will not be allowed to bring and use kitchen robots, burners or cooking plates to cook/heat. On the other hand, you can use smaller tools, such as electric beaters, and the optional additional dry ingredients.
  • At the beginning of the competition, the speaker will invite the Competitors to reach their desks: wait until that moment and then make your entrance.
  • Prepare your competition desk by showing all your tools and, if you compete in the Creative Recipe, also the additional ingredients, which will join the basic ingredients and the fresh ingredients that we will bring to you.
  • The staff will check the package and the expiration date of the ingredients on the desk, and the cleanliness of your tools. Be careful: if the ingredients are expired or non-edible, or if their package is not intact, they will be immediately withdrawn and, in the worst cases, the Competitor could be disqualified.
  • Wait until the speaker announces the beginning of the competition: from that moment, you will have 40 minutes to prepare your dessert, clean your desk and show your plate.
  • You can choose the final dimension of your dessert: the important thing is that it must fit in the plate that we will give you (and the surprise is that you will be given the Tiramisù World Cup 2019 official plate, that you will keep)!
  • At this point, the Juries will start the voting procedure: the Judges will reach the desks, taste the Tiramisù and give their ratings.
  • Finally, the speaker will announce the Winner of each table.
  • A desk – or a portion of a shared table – which measures about 1mx1m, covered by a tablecloth
  • A 220v socket
  • The basic ingredients: 200gr Matilde Vicenzi’s Vicenzovo ladyfingers, Hausbrandt Moka coffee, 250gr Lattebusche mascarpone cheese, pasteurised liquid eggs (250ml yolk and 250ml egg white), 75gr cocoa powder, 1kg sugar. The coffee will be prepared with a Moka and will be served bitter and cool.
  • A microwave you can use with the other Competitors
  • The eventual additional fresh ingredients that you previously brought to the Ingredients Drop-Off Desk (as you will bring your dry ingredients to your desk)
  • The Tiramisù World Cup official plate (that you can keep!) that you will use to assemble your best Tiramisù

Your own kitchen tools: everything you use to prepare your Tiramisù, except for the plate on which you will assemble it. The tools must be washed in a dishwasher (at least 24 hours before the event): remember that all the tools will be checked by our staff before the beginning of the competition.

(for the Competitors of the Creative Recipe)
Your dry ingredients, as you need to bring the fresh ones at the Ingredients Drop-Off Desk of the location where you’re going to compete in when you arrive, and then we will bring them to your desk.

These 5 criteria will determine which is the best Tiramisù in the world.
Every criteria will get a 1 to 10 score.


A vote for the organisation of the table, the cleanliness, the managing of the ingredients, your executive ability


It evaluates the look, the arrangement of the plate, the decorations and the aesthetic final pleasantness

Presentation is important!


It evaluates the intensity and the permanence in the mouth of the tasting


It evaluates the balance among the ingredients


It evaluates the pleasantness, the intensity and the harmony of the flavours (the right amount of ingredients)

Join the big competition that will proclaim the two next World Champions of Tiramisù!