NTFs Tiramisù

We are opening the doors of our sweet world to the new generation of Gourmands with whom we want to share our values and the desire to be together, by expressing our creativity.

Each year, two collections will be minted, inspired by the World Champion Tiramisù of each edition, the original and the creative one, which are the best ever as well as the highest expression of the most loved Italian dessert in the world. 


NFTs Tiramisù represent the values that we share together. Therefore, each collection inspired by the World Champion Tiramisù will represent one of these values, expressing it with the utmost care and triggering the beauty of its components, both material and immaterial.

NFT Tiramisù Gold ✨

In each collection, the owner of this NFT will gain the status of Grand Gourmand. The NFT will be a unique piece and will represent in all respects the original property in the only virtual version of the World Champion Tiramisù, articulated in artistic expression and enriched with astonishing exclusive perks. The Grand Gourmand represents the highest level of Gourmand in the Tiramisù World Cup community.

NFT Tiramisù Silver

These NFTs entitle you to be a true Silver Gourmand and will depict a component of the intangible values represented. The perks are mouthwatering and tied to unique experiences, making the holders of NFT Tiramisù Silver rightfully part of our mouthwatering community. Stay tuned to learn when they will be minted.

The “Tiramisù Love” Collection

This collection is inspired by the tiramisù of Stefano Serafini, World Champion of Tiramisù in 2021. The tiramisù is made in the shape of a heart, balanced in taste, prepared manually, artfully and in unique pieces. 

Love is the expressed value, also through the message “Follow your heart” that decorates the dish. In fact, as Stefano told on TV and newspapers, he used to gather with his wife and children by preparing tiramisu together, a bit for fun. And thanks to the love for his family that he managed to keep it united and happy even in the most difficult moments.

The artistic Concept

The concept was conceived and realised by Art Director Michele Crema, who describes it as follows: “Our heart, static in its material function, is energy that merges with the energy of the universe through a space-time wormhole. In addition, the heart, in the temporal passage of the wormhole, is re-proposed in the multiverse, where it remains forever. What shines is love, through the graphic representation of the heart, as a synthesis of harmony, which holds the universe.”

The perks of the NFT Tiramisù Love Gold

Obtainment of the status of “Grand Gourmand”

Property of the NFT of the World Champion Tiramisù TWC21 (read the recipe), which is in all respects its virtual version.

The Grand Gourmand of the Collection Tiramisù Love becomes an Official Judge during the Finals of the Tiramisù World Cup 2022 (TWC22) together with the most iconic journalists, chefs and pastry chefs. For this collection only, the perk applies also to all subsequent editions.

During the TWC22 Grand Final, the Grand Gourmand will live a 1-day experience with the World Champion represented by the owned NFT, which includes tasting, judge training and customised cooking class. **

During the weekend of the TWC22 Grand Final, the Grand Gourmand will be hosted in Treviso, in a Suite for 2 guests, inside the BHR Best Western Treviso Hotel, or at Le Convertite B&B, including a dinner at Le Beccherie Restaurant and unique experiences with the Partners of TWC.

** Each time the NFT is further resold, the new owners, at their own expense, will have to attend this tasting and training day.