Travelling to foreign countries for work, I often eat in local restaurants and, being a tiramisù lover, I noticed that tiramisù is always included in the menu of restaurants and bars. I used to ask my colleagues where tiramisù comes from. Some of them replied “from Argentina”, confusing it with Tres Leches, someone even told “Japanese – Ti-ra-misu”. Of course some of them told “Italian”, but as I grew up in Treviso I knew that tiramisù is the traditional dessert of that part of Italy, full of tourism attractions, local firms and tasteful food and wine products, but not so well-known as a tourism destination.

Tiramisù, on the other hand, is very popular: on every social media I noticed thousands of posts and photos, with comments of every language, with every kind of recipe.

“Only my mum has the original recipe and make the best tiramisù” is what my friends and acquaintances told me… but I wanted to try the best of all… so, why don’t make them compete?

Here is where the Tiramisù World Cup was born, a competition dedicated to non-professionals.

At the time I was working for the European University for Tourism, a unique project, and the first thing I was advised to is… write the model. And so, in 2017, IGI Global published “Enhancing Coopetition Among Small Tourism Destinations by Creativity”, where I explain the model behind the Tiramisù World Cup.

Francesco Redi, conceiver and creator of the Tiramisù World Cup

The Tiramisù World Cup is a project developed and organised by Twissen, the Italian knowledge company working in the travel & tourism industry.

It is based on a competition among non-professionals competing in two categories, the original and the creative one, aiming to proclaim the best tiramisù in the world.

The aim is to contribute to the enhancement of an area of Italy through tiramisù and the positive values that it recalls.

Tiramisù World Cup means tourism, its aim is to enhance this geographic area and every edition has its own theme (e.g. Parco del Sile, Prosecco Lands, etc..) around Treviso and the made in Italy.

Tiramisù World Cup is also about the companies, starting from the ingredients. All the Partners are high-quality brands, they are global and mostly owned by Italian families.

Tiramisù World Cup is about traditions, which are now told through the recipes of the Competitors.

The media success has been impressive since the beginning, and the online community is constantly growing thanks to the contents, the recipes and the advice of our Chefs, Champions and Stars.

The past editions closed with a huge success, registering an important flow of public, competitors from all over the world and, later, an outstanding international media exposure which is still present.

Next step: getting closer to Italian and foreign competitors. The Tiramisù World Cup becomes itinerant!

Fact: Tiramisù is the most famous Italian dessert, it is well-known in every corner of the world and it is searched on Google almost two and a half times more than the keyword “Prosecco”, and half of the keyword “Venezia”, even though it overtakes it by 30% during the Christmas period

Source: Google, 2018

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