Do you want to know all the tricks to make a perfect tiramisù and get ready and trained for November race? Follow our new column “Chef’s advice”!



Andrea Ciccolella – Tiramisù World Champion 2017/2018, the winner of the last edition: “Mascarpone must be rich in fats to make the cream more dense and less liquid. To win the Tiramisù World Cup I mounted the mascarpone along with the egg yolks whipped whit sugar, obtaining a perfect cream.”


Tiramesù’s special advice by Roberto Loli Linguanotto, who invented Treviso’s tiramisù when he was a chef at Le Beccherie restaurant in the ’70s. “Cocoa must be pure and bitter, and must be present in every layer of tiramisù, to give even more flavor! Ideal is, from time to time, to soak the Savoyard, sprinkle the cocoa on top, add mascarpone, start over with a new layer.”


Here is the precious advice of Riccardo Aliceto, chef of the Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel: “The secret for an excellent tiramisù is to add a pinch of salt of salt to the cream, which acts as a catalyst for the taste, emphasizing the flavor.”


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