How to prepare cakes without the oven: 3 alternative baking methods!

Feel like some news? If you are tired of classic baking methods and would like to experience something new in complete safety, we at the Tiramisù World Cup offer you 3 alternative ways to bake desserts without the use of the traditional oven! Keep in mind that each baking method requires its own time and…...
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Loli Linguanotto, the great history of tiramisù starts from gelato!

Can you imagine what it means for me being in contact with the protagonists of the history of tiramisù? So, I decided to introduce them to you according to my point of view as I knew them.  The first I met was Roberto “Loli” Linguanotto, during a press conference in a hot August in 2017; he was…...
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Not just tiramisu at the IG Festival of Mascarpone: a world of delicious recipes!

The very first IG Festival ended last June the 29th: a real success! We learned a lot of things during this special event: facts, recipes and advice on how to use fresh mascarpone, and not just in tiramisu! The Festival opened with the Culinary Contest "Find the best Mascarpone Recipe", where you amazed us with many sweet and salty recipes: from mascarpone risotto…...
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