The very first IG Festival ended last June the 29th: a real success! We learned a lot of things during this special event: facts, recipes and advice on how to use fresh mascarpone, and not just in tiramisu!

The Festival opened with the Culinary Contest “Find the best Mascarpone Recipe“, where you amazed us with many sweet and salty recipes: from mascarpone risotto to a fresh mango mousse, passing through many delicious first courses, main courses and desserts!

After the first days of the contest, we plunged into the world of this ingredient so important for tiramisu: we discovered how it is handcrafted, we were surprised to understand how it is prepared by our friends Lattebusche, we learned a lot of new recipes from our Stars, we even discovered what the perfect percentage of fat it should contain to prepare a tiramisu to perfection!

The Festival ended with the end of the contest, where we found the best mascarpone recipe of 2020! 

In 3rd place an equal meritimpossible to decide which recipe was worthy of the podium, so both were included! It is the recipe of @susannapistolato (almond shortcrust raspberry tart, lime and lemon mascarpone cream, raspberry gelée and fresh raspberries) and that of @bru.chili (pineapple cake with mascarpone cream and meringue). Let’s go see them! 

In 2nd place, a salty recipe! It is @pastaetiramisucomo (goat cheese and mascarpone cheese cream flavoured with basil on almond crackersenriched with honey drops and pomegranate grains), fresh and perfect for an aperitif or a summer appetizer! 

In 1st placereal treat: @elbonali‘s recipe is called Into the Blue (mascarpone mousse and Greek yogurt, a delicate combination of blackberry and Thailand’s “natural blue tea” with a touch of licor orchata 43 and crunchy caramelized blueberries), and the name is a prelude to the sweetness that presents itself to the eye! 

If you’ve lost any of the Festival’s contentsdon’t worry! On our Instagram profile you can check them when you prefer and let yourself be inspired by this world of deliciousness. 

This Festival is so beautiful: thanks to all the participants in the contest for letting us discover so many recipes, and… see you soon, with a new Festival! But what will be the main ingredient? 🙂

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