You will get it by nowwe do everything we can to be together with you. We did so many things in these first three years of the Tiramisù World Cup and we are sure we will make other exciting experiences together.

But in the meantimewe thought of a new format to celebrate the ingredients of the original recipe of tiramisu: mascarpone cheeseladyfingers, sugar, eggs, coffee and cocoa. 

We have come up with something new, the IG Festival, a real festival on Instagram: a week of recipes, videos, cooking-lessons, stories and curiosities related to the ingredient and, lo and behold, an online contest where you will propose your best recipessweet or savoury, to delight us and convince our judges. 

What do you have to do?  

Simply… make your mouth water and get inspired by the content and culinary proposals, and… if you have any of your own, propose them to us for the online contest related to the ingredient.   

Everything on our Instagram profile @tiramisuworldcup   

Easy, right? 

We decided to start with mascarpone cheesewhich is a precious ingredientstill to be discovered and which characterizes the deliciousness of tiramisu.   

Did you know that mascarpone comes from “mascherpa”?   

Did a risotto with mascarpone ever made your mouth water? 

Do you know the properties that make an ice cream with this ingredient unique? 

This and much more, you can discover it on our Instagram channel from 22 to 29 June in collaboration with our inseparable partner Lattebuscheofficial supplier of the mascarpone of the best tiramisu in the world. 

So… in short: have fun, take the challenge and… practice! 💪🏼

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