Feel like some news? If you are tired of classic baking methods and would like to experience something new in complete safety, we at the Tiramisù World Cup offer you 3 alternative ways to bake desserts without the use of the traditional oven! Keep in mind that each baking method requires its own time and the result will be different from the classic baking version. But isn’t that the beauty of it? 

So let’s start! 

Alternative method n.1: cooking in a pan 

Not everyone knows that the pan can turn into a small oven and bake perfectly desserts such as cakes and bundt cakes but also bread, pizza and focaccia. It is the ideal solution for the summer, when turning on the oven becomes a real challenge … not considering the cost of bills! Although a normal frying pan is enough, there are specific ones for this cooking method: the oven Versilia is a little known but very popular tool among our grandmothers and great-grandmothers! Similar to a bundt pan with a perforated lid, it is perfect for cooking on the gas cooker, on which it rests by means of a flame spreader that spreads the heat evenly over the pan. You can easily find this tool both in the most stocked stores and online at an affordable price.  

Remember: if you want high and very soft cakes, do not lift the lid before ¾ of the cooking time has passed! 

Cooking pan

Alternative method n.2: microwave cooking 

It may seem bizarre to you, but nowadays, the microwave oven has become a valid substitute for the traditional oven! Although cakes don’t have the characteristic browning of an oven, unless your microwave includes a “grill” or “crisp” function, baking times are more than halved, so it’s the best alternative for those with little time! A nice American microwave only recipe is the mug cake: a single-portion cake that is prepared and baked directly from your own coffee cup (tall and long). A quick and delicious remedy if the sweet tooth is calling you!  

Remember: be sure to use only silicone, pyrex and other compatible materials, absolutely avoid aluminium or metal trays! Also, know that flouring the pan with the classic flour moistens the dough! 

Mug Cake

Alternative method n.3: steaming 

Let’s move now to the East, in Asia: here this baking method is also widely used for desserts, which are soft, light and suitable for those who do not want to give up the taste while staying fit! To prepare muffins, cakes and steamed biscuits you will need a steel or bamboo steamer: be careful to dose the water well, as it will not come into contact with the cakes but at the same time it must be sufficient for the entire duration of the baking! Steam is also an excellent substitute for the traditional oven, especially in summer!  

Remember: steamed cakes have a high level of humidity, so to better preserve them put them in the refrigerator for up to 4 days! 

But do you know what other alternative method exists not to use the oven? Make an excellent tiramisu!😋

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