Can you imagine what it means for me being in contact with the protagonists of the history of tiramisù? So, I decided to introduce them to you according to my point of view as I knew them. 

The first I met was Roberto “Loli” Linguanotto, during a press conference in a hot August in 2017; he was with his son Massimo, a friendly man. 

Who is Loli? According to the Italian Academy of Cuisine, around the end of the 70s he invented the tiramisù while working at Le Beccherie Restaurant owned by Ada Campeol in Treviso (Italy). 

Loli has always been a hard worker, pragmatic, a man of few words. It always seems that he does not want to disturb, like he does not need to speak louder or to obscure people with his ego. It seems like a man who have always known how to prioritize deeds over words. 

Loli with Andrea Ciccolella, World Champion of Tiramisù 2017

Along with his family he has always been helpful with the Tiramisù World Cup and friendly with the participants and the Champions. Since the beginning, Loli told me: “make way for the young”, despite the fact that for 50 years, in my personal opinion, he deserved more attention for what he represents in the history of this dessert. 

Moreover, he describes himself as a gelato-maker and not a chef, ofter recalling his time in Germany where he emigrated so to provide his large family with better opportunities. Even in difficulties, the young Loli, industrious since then, has always found a solution. Like it happened in the 80s when he managed the Bar Gelateria Marcati in Mestre-Venice (Italy), where it is reported that many tiramisu were prepared. 


Loli with his son Fabio in the 80s. Courtesy of the Linguanotto Family 

But his passion for gelato is a never-ending story. Today Roberto supports his son Fabio in the family owned firm Creamo that I visited. When I tasted the tiramesù (as they call it) but in gelato version… it was so tasty and  balanced! When you will find it in the gelato shops, taste it and then let me know. 

We will definitely wait Loli at our competitions, he was our best judge and who better than him can help us to find the next World Champions of tiramisu? 

It is an article by Francesco Redi

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