Pietro Longhi, Woman selling frittole, 1755

We can say that here, during Carnival, we have two main doubts: what’s going to be our costume and… What are we eating first?

Fried pastry, in particular, are the symbol of Carnival: you are spoiled for choice between crostoli, frittelle or castagnole. 

Did you know that frittelle were well-known also in the Ancient Rome? At the time, they were called frictilia: fried pastry garnished with honey, in honor of the Saturnalia.
The famous variant of Venetian frìtole was even the official dessert of the Republic of Venice! During the 18th century, in fact, they were proclaimed the “National Dessert of Veneto”. However, it is not clear wether this was true only for the Carnival period, as the frìtole were fried in pork fat, or all year long, in the version of frying oil.


Our Stars, as well, are preparing loads of delicious pastry for Carnival. The sweet creations of Numerisù, by our Star Finalist of TWC17 Monica Michielin, are making our mouth water: would you choose frittelle garnished with tiramisù cream or these cute Venetian carnival masks?




And what about Francesca Piovesana, World Champion of Creative Tiramisù 2018: she is not disappointing us at all! Let yourself be inspired by her frittelle with tiramisù cream, to which she adds a creative pinch of  hazelnuts or… of cinnamon and ginger, of course!

And have you seen her variant of frittelle cooked in the oven?

At last, we want to propose you a tasty recipe, that combines Carnival with our favourite dessert: castagnole with tiramisù cream!

A sweet challenge to try, that will definitely put a smile on the face of your friends and loved ones!

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