Sunday, February 2, 2020, in the charming setting of Magie d’inverno in San Vendemiano (Treviso), a new TWC Warm Up will take place!

From 3 pm, indeed, 6 participants will compete in the preparation of the original recipe of the most famous cake in the world. There’s something new: since many of you  asked us about it, now the tiramisu competition is even more sustainable!

For the first time, the Competitors will have to use only hand whips to prepare the cream of their tiramisu, making the challenge effectively “carbon free”! 🥄

Join us and let us taste your tiramisu, that your friends and family loved so much during the holidays!

You will have the opportunity to automatically access the Selections of the Tiramisù World Cup 2020!

CLICK HERE and apply as a Competitor!
Are you a gourmand? Then apply as a Judge!

You have time until January 25th at 6pm to apply!

Remember: you will be contacted with a dedicated email only in case of successful application!

The event is open to the public! We are waiting for you 🙂

The TWC Warm Up is a free demonstrative competition that gives the possibility to the potential participants in the Tiramisù World Cup to warm up in the preparation of the Original Recipe.

The access to the competition is free and voluntary, both for the Competitors and the Judges.

The event has been organised with the participation of the Ass. Culturale Estate SportEventi in collaboration with the Amm. Comunale di San Vendemiano in the event called “Magie d’inverno”

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