December is the month of festivities par excellence🎁. There is a growing desire to taste rich and hearty food, to visit exhibitions and museums and to stroll through the streets of the city centre with a hot drink in hand… Here are three activities that will catapult you into the winter season❄️!  

  1. Free entry to museums  

The first Sunday of the month is the perfect time to visit your favourite museums or, even better, those you have never seen before. Thanks to an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, it is in fact possible to enter museums free of charge on the first Sunday of every month. Treviso is full of them… take the opportunity👨‍👩‍👧! (click here to discover the list of museums)  

      2. Flea market  

The month begins with a visit to the museums and ends with flea markets! After spending whole days indoors eating for the holidays, there is nothing better than a quiet stroll through the centre of Treviso. The collectors’ and vintage market awaits you in Borgo Cavour on 27 December, don’t miss it✨!

      3. Eat the Best Tiramisù in Treviso  

From 01.10 to 31.11 you can vote for the Best Tiramisù in Treviso (haven’t you done it yet? Find out the rules here).
The winner will be announced on 8 December… All you have to do is wait for the announcement and go and taste it😋!

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