This recipe is by Francesca Gaiotto, Outclass Semifinalist in the “Creative Recipe” Category at the Tiramisù World Cup 2021    


(Dosages for 2 charlotte)   

2 egg yolks Amadori
250g of mascarpone cheese Lattebusche
2 tablespoons of sugar Italia Zuccheri
Coffee (room temperature and bitter) Hausbrandt
3 packets of classic Pavesini
Bitter cocoa powder
Raspberry jam 
Liquorice powder
Unsalted, shelled pistachios  


Prepare the cream: beat the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture is thick and light (at least 10 minutes). Add the mascarpone and beat on low speed until it is perfectly incorporated.
Divide the cream into two parts and, in one of the two, add half a teaspoon of liquorice powder. After a few minutes, whip this half of the cream until it is well blended.
Take the Pavesini and cut one of the two ends making sure to make them all the same height. Put some cocoa powder on a saucer and “dirty” the outer surface (i.e. the darker and more convex one) of the cut Pavesini.
Take a round pastry ring and place it on the plate. Inside the pastry ring, make a layer of Pavesini cut into small pieces so as to cover the whole base and place them with the lighter and more concave surface upwards. Wet them lightly with coffee using a teaspoon or a brush.
Place a few tablespoons of jam in a pastry bag with a small tip and cover the base of Pavesini.
Put the liquorice cream in a pastry bag with a medium tip and cover with circular movements the Pavesini base with the jam on top.
At this point, cut the pistachios in half and place them on top of the liquorice cream to cover the entire surface. 
Proceed with a second layer of Pavesini soaked in coffee and covered with jam, and then proceed with the white mascarpone cream (i.e. the one without liquorice). 
Level the surface and remove the pastry cup.
Take the Pavesini biscuits with cocoa and put a small dollop of cream at the base of each one, making them stick to the outside of the cupcake and thus creating a “charlotte” type external crown. With some pistachios cut in half make some petals in the centre of the charlotte and put a drop of jam in the centre to create a flower.