This recipe is by Sophie Buckingham, 2° place in the contest Your Best Strawberry Tiramisù 


4 eggs
250g of mascarpone
60g of caster sugar
250g of savoiardi
Moka coffee
Amaretto liqueur to taste
300g of strawberries 


Make the moka coffee and set aside to cool. Use an electric mixer to beat together the egg yolks with half of the sugar until pale. Add the mascarpone and beat until smooth. In a separate bowl, whisk the whites with the remaining sugar to form soft peaks.
Once the 
moka coffee is cool, add some amaretto to taste. Briefly dip the savoiardi into the coffee mix and form a layer on the bottom of a glass dish. Cut some of the strawberries in half and arrange them around the outside of the dish, making sure they are squeezed tightly together. Then add a layer of the cream and finally some chopped strawberries, repeating until you have a final layer of cream.
Leave to set in the fridge (ideally overnight) and before serving decorate with some additional chopped strawberries.