This recipe is by Moira Bardini, Star Finalist at the Tiramisù World Cup 2018


Chocolate Easter egg to taste (I chose the dark one)
12 ladyfingers (or Pavesini)
250g of mascarpone cheese
4 eggs
80g of sugar 


Prepare the coffee and leave it to cool. Prepare the cream by whipping 4 egg yolks with the sugar. Beat one egg white until stiff. Incorporate the mascarpone into the cream and then the egg white. Open an Easter egg and put inside the ladyfingers previously soaked in cold coffee, thus obtaining the first layer. Create a second layer with the cream and sprinkle with cocoa. Proceed with a second layer of ladyfingers and finish by decorating with sac a poche. Sprinkle with cocoa and leave in the fridge for 12 hours. As an alternative to ladyfingers, you can also use Pavesini
Happy Easter and bon appetit!