Get ready to enjoy the sweet taste of excellence in the seventh edition of the Tiramisù World Cup, where the competition reaches new heights of mouth-watering deliciousness!

This year, a cascade of prestigious awards is about to be unleashed, some of which are already famous, while others are brand new!

But don’t worry, we are here to make it easy for you to discover this experience: we have prepared a summary that will take you through the secrets and news of this fascinating competition!


The competition gets mouth-watering right from the Selections! If you chose the Creative Recipe with the Cold Brew coffee blend extracted from the Eletta Explore machine by De’ Longhi, you could win a unique experience offered by De’ Longhi!

🎖️ BEAUTY AWARD by BeautyDrop Treviso

During the Semifinals, Tiramisù Star Moira Bardini, owner of BeautyDrop Treviso, will choose “The Most Beautiful Original Tiramisù” and “The Most Beautiful Creative Tiramisù”!


An expert judge from Hausbrandt will carefully follow the contestants in the Original Semifinal and choose the tiramisu with the most balanced taste and that best enhances the coffee ingredient. If you win this Award, you will go directly to the Original Final.


For the Semifinalists of the Creative Recipe there will instead be the Dolcefreddo Moralberti Judge who will select the best creative tiramisu most innovative in respect of tradition. The Prize Winner will directly access the Creative Final.


The future World Champion of the “Original Recipe” Category will also be awarded the Vicenzi Experience.


This year’s novelty! The Strega Award for Tiramisu will go to the Champion of the “Creative Recipe” Category, who will have access to a mysterious Strega Experience… the rest is still a secret!


As in Sanremo there is the Critics’ Choice Award, at the Tiramisù World Cup you cannot miss the “La Cucina Italiana” Award, whose winner will be chosen among the Finalists by our Media Partner.

And to top it all off with the icing on the cake (or should we say with a sprinkling of cocoa powder) both TWC23 World Champions will receive the LE BECCHERIE AWARD, thanks to which they will have access to an exclusive Cooking Class with the chef from the kitchens where Tiramisù was born.

Now that you know all the Awards that await you, run off and train… to become the Next Tiramisù World Champion!

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