Tiramisu has become such a famous dessert that unites people from all over the world under its recipe. Surfing on Instagram, we decided to show you the world through the activities that, abroad, adopted tiramisu as an Italian specialty: starting from Belgium and arriving to Kenya, passing through Spain, England and Turkey… have a good trip!

1st stop: Belgium

In Brussels our friend Simona Ferretti runs the Lasagna Tiramisù restaurant chain, which delicious specialties are… lasagne and tiramisu! If you plan to visit this destination, don’t forget to try their creative versions of this dessert!

2nd stop: Spain

The next stop takes us to Madrid: Massimo was a Competitor at the Tiramisù World Cup 2017  who decided to take up the profession of pastry chef with his Dulce Dimension pastry shop, where his “Tiramisu De Massimo” always finds room on the display counter. Follow him to discover all his great creations!

3rd stop: England

We now come to a place where you never expected to find tiramisu: Cornwall! Yes, also here our friend Ugo founded his start-up TiramisUGO that every week produces freshly prepared tiramisu in jars available for the local and national community of England!

4th stop: Turkey

A bit further East, in the ancient city of Istanbul is located Tiramisu Duca, a pastry shop that will surprise you with a tiramisu presented in elegant decorated cups, as well as practical take-away versions, to have a dessert always within spoonful reach!

5th stop: Kenya

Let’s finish this sweet trip today… to Kenya! Although this African state is 9000km from Italy, the Tiramisù Bakery Kenya pastry shop has surprised us with a traditional version of tiramisu with ladyfingers… but will it be as good as the one that your mom prepares? See for yourself!

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