For our competitors, participating in the Tiramisù World Cup means accepting the challenge and putting a lot of effort into the preparation of the best Tiramisù in the world!
To face the competition in the right way, each competitor receives a “Kit”, in which there will be: a 200gr pack of Matilde Vicenzi’s Vicenzovo Savoyards, Hausbrandt coffee served cold and unsweetened, 250gr of Mascarpone Lattebusche Alta Qualità, 1 pack of 200gr Pavesini, containing 8 packs of 11 Pavesini (to be used for the Creative Recipe), 250ml of yolk and 250ml of Amadori egg white, 1kg of sugar, 75gr of bitter cocoa and still water.
For those competing in the Creative Recipe, there will be the possibility to use Pavesini as a base for the Tiramisu!
For those who have chosen the Original Recipe, instead, it is compulsory to use the ladyfingers. In this case the Pavesini can be enjoyed directly at home… and used for a future recipe!
In addition to the ingredients to prepare the Tiramisu, the kit includes Matilde Vicenzi’s elegant kitchen apron, Hausbrandt’s chef’s hat and the official plate of the Tiramisu World Cup 2020, 23×15cm, supplied by Tognana Porcellane!

With such a rich “Competitor’s Kit”, everyone wants to take part in the most delicious challenge of the year!

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