If you love making cakes but you like even more to post them on your favorite social networks to share your passion for cooking with followers and friends, the basics of photography cannot be an optional plus! The art of Food Photography, the branch of photography that portrays food is very wide and varied, but we at the Tiramisù World Cup have summarized the basics for you in order to help you make the most of your dishes and make them even more appealing!  

What are you waiting for? Learn how to take pictures as a real food blogger in 4 easy steps! 


N.1 There is no Food Photography without plating! 

The technique of arranging the ingredients on the plate is essential to make a dish appear even more inviting to the eyes of the beholder. Start by plating from the centre outwards, using tools such as kitchen pliers and sac-à-poche to arrange all the ingredients harmoniously. For an impeccable shot, the smaller portions are more elegant and refined in front of the camera.  Also, remember to carefully balance the colours of the ingredients and pay attention to cleanliness!   

N.2 The light is your greatest friend!

Natural light is the one that best enhances the texture and color balance of your dish. Usually in Food Photography soft light is preferred, and that of cloudy days is the best to make your dish look even more delicious! So, get closer to a window and start shooting… you’ll see the results! If the light is too strong, maybe because you’re shooting in summer, you can dampen it by placing a sheet of paper or a white curtain between the light and the subject. And voilà, you’re done! 

N.3 Try and try again until you find the perfect shot!  

By pointing the camera at your dish like a real photographer, think about which part of your dish you want to highlight. Here are two very simple options: the first is a side shot that you can use when you want to highlight the texture of the food and its ” deliciousness”.  The other option is to frame the plate from above, to show the different ingredients and the complexity of their arrangement. Don’t make the mistake of photographing the food from the front or from a downward angle! 

N.4 Don’t forget the focus! 

When it comes to photographing food, it is often preferable to focus on a detail without giving too much depth of field to the photo. One trick is to focus on the front edge of the dish by gradually blurring what is in the background so as to capture the viewer’s attention to the detail you prefer. Instead, you can decide to arrange a background by introducing props such as cutlery, tablecloths, napkins and decorations that match your plate perfectly in style and colour. But please always pay attention to cleanliness! 

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Food Photographyall you have to do is test yourself and take great photos of your creations! 😋

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