“To invite people to dine with us is to make ourselves responsible for their well-being for as long as they are under our roofs”

 This is how Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, famous French politician and gastronome of the 19th century described hospitality, that is to say the value still considered “sacred” in many cultures, including the Italian one.  If you are one of those who “every occasion is good to organize a dinner”, read these 4 tips of how to leave your guests speechless!

Tip n.1 Arrange the aperitif in a cozy place of the house

A nice way to get ready for dinner is to organize a welcome aperitif for friends: find a well-lit and cozy area where to arrange snacks and a good bottle of wine. The aperitif does not necessarily involve chairs, on the contrary… standing up is a good way to include all participants in the conversation and start the evening off on the right foot!

Tip n.2 Put the dinner menu on the table

In order to make a more special dinner, a nice idea is to put, for every diner, the menu of the dishes that will be served. In this way everyone will know what will be offered by the master of the house, as if they were in a real restaurant!

Tip n.3 Impress the diners with the right centerpiece

Whether it’s fragrant wildflowers or colorful shells reminiscent of the sea, rather than a precious embroidered fabric runner or elegant candle arrangements, the centerpiece is a very important detail that will make your dinner great! If you lack time to create it yourself, turn to your trusted florist who will surely not let you down!

Tip n.4 Prepare small cadeaux (presents) for your guests

The icing on the cake of a good evening is giving your guests the cadeaux: a fat little plant, some home-made biscuits, a souvenir from your last trip, a jar of spices rather than a bookmark are small thoughts that will make your guests feel even more pampered!

After reading these 4 simple tips to impress your guests, put yourself to the test and organize your next dinner! But don’t forget: there’s no party without tiramisu!

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