We already knew that it was a space cake, but Luca Parmitano, a well-known Sicilian astronaut, not only took it with him during his missions in space, but during one of these he celebrated his 43rd birthday with a tiramisu cake.

Then there are those who have uncontrolled reactions. The Courier states that Ivan Zaytsev, the powerful crusher of the national volleyball team, if there is tiramisu he does not hold back. To console himself after the defeat, Daniil Medvedev, a great tennis player of international fame, says “…tonight a tiramisu and some panna cotta no one will take them away from me!”

The beloved Alberto Angela says he can’t resist tiramisu. And what about the two GF2018 competitors who fought over a cup of tiramisu?

The rapper Nesli does not like to prepare sweets except tiramisu, while we all remember the criticism not always correct to Simona Ventura for having posted a video recipe in which she prepares tiramisu. The charming Italian actress Monica Bellucci says that tiramisu is her favourite and that she likes to give it to her friends.

Our beloved Elisabetta Dami, writer and author of children’s books, creator of Geronimo Stilton, godmother of the Tiramisù World Cup Junior 2018, confided in us that she prepares an excellent tiramisu and likes to share it with friends. Yes, she told us that… but she still has to let us taste it! Just think that the famous gentleman in “The strange case of tiramisu” is also the judge of a very demanding tiramisu competition.

Elisabetta Dami at the Tiramisù World Cup Junior 2018

But the most VIP of all is always him, the tiramisu, king of desserts, ambassador of Made in Italy and special guest at all the birthday parties that are respected.

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