How many times during a break at work or checking your phone did you notice a beautiful tiramisu or an inviting cake on Instagram and you immediately thought “I want to do it too”? How many times, however, did the final result turn out to be a flop holding back your enthusiasm? The cream didn’t whip properly, the chocolate didn’t solidify well… what could have gone wrong during the process?

That is the reason why we want to help you by listing the 5 must-have utensils in order to make cakes and sweets properly!

N.1 Libra

The watchword for cakes and sweets in the kitchen is: precision! Grandmothers would not agree with this statement, but according to the golden rules of pastry making, ingredients must always be weighed!

There are two types of libras: the analogic ones and their digital evolution, certainly more accurate and precise!

N.2 Measuring spoons and graduate jugs

As the doses get smaller and smaller, measuring scoops become your special allies! They allow you to measure small amounts of product without too much effort. Graduated jugs, on the other hand, allow you to calculate large quantities of both solid and liquid ingredients, so you never make mistakes!

N.3 Whisk

In order to make your cakes and sweets even more softy, the whip is the most suitable utensil! You will find two different types of whisk: the hand whip, if you love tradition, and the electric whip, if you prefer ease!

N.4 Thermometer

Many people don’t use it in their preparations, but if you are or want to become an expert pastry chef, you won’t be able to do without it anymore! In addition to increasing the scrupulousness of the preparation, it will lower your margin of error! The most complete is the digital thermometer, for a wide range of temperatures at your disposal!

N.5 Sac-à-poche

Everybody knows that aesthetic counts, especially in pastry making! Sac-à-poche is a very precious utensil that, in addition to simplify your work, it will make it easier for you to truly express your imagination! Used together with stainless steel or plastic nozzles of different shapes and sizes, it will help you creating beautiful sweets and cakes not only to eat, but also to watch!

What are you waiting for? Test yourself in your next sweet creation with these 5 utensils! And if you realize something is missing… fix the situation!

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