As you know, lately we have spent a lot of time together with our Community organizing social contests for all tastes… but the latest news from Tiramisù World Cup is simply crazy: a series of live conversations from our Facebook page and our YouTube channel to share the exciting stories of some friends of the TWC. 

And to get off on the right foot, we had the honor and pleasure of hosting our great friend, renowned international pastry chef and President of F.I.P.G.C. Roberto Lestani, who for the occasion revealed to us the 3 mistakes not to make to prepare a stunning tiramisu! 

Mistake n.1: excessively whipping the mascarpone! 

A tricky phase that of whipping the mascarpone, which, as the Master says, cannot be taken lightly. The purpose of this phase is to incorporate air inside the product, but be careful not to exaggerate: the excessive whipping would in fact lead to the solidification of fat making the mascarpone solidto the detriment of the creamy effect that should instead maintain the tiramisu. By making this mistake, Master Lestani warns us that a small surface film would form that at the moment of tasting would ruin the perfect harmony between the ingredients. 

Mistake n.2: once together, don’t immediately mix the yolks and sugar! 

Once is time to combine the egg yolks with the sugar, Master Lestani advises you to mix the two ingredients immediately, otherwise you will “burn the yolk” (cit.). But what does that even mean? The Master explains that, since all sugars are hygroscopic, i.e. they have the capacity to absorb water molecules, when the sugar molecule comes into contact with the yolk molecule the first one starts to dehydrate the second one, causing the formation of annoying lumps that would affect the perfect success of the dessert! The Master therefore recommends to mix the two ingredients immediately in order to partially dissolve the sugar and create a perfect amalgam! 

Mistake n.3: Neglect stratification! 

As a true professional, Master Lestani recalled that the balance between the different layers of tiramisu is FUN-DA-MEN-TAL! That’s why he recommends to look for the right proportion between the cream and the biscuit, avoiding the prevalence of one layer rather than the other that makes up the tiramisu! But the Master has also opened a small note on the soaking, which we at the Tiramisù World Cup always remember to be an equally important element for the success of the dessert.  

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