Today’s world is in constant bustle and transformation, and this also goes for the kitchen and pastry sector. Here, too, tradition joins innovation by searching for new, exotic flavours and combinations that involve all the senses, from taste to sight! So let’s see what new trends are expected in the kitchen and pastry sector for 2020, according to the most famous newspapers. 

By now famous, the trend of the Alphabet cake or number cake (also called cream tart or biscuit tart) is becoming more and more popular in the social networks, giving the possibility to show off your skills with sac-à-poche and decorations. It is a letter or number cake usually consisting of two bases of shortcrust pastry or sponge cake laid on top of each other, covered with custard or mascarpone cream and subsequently decorated with color patterns of fresh fruit, edible flowers, dried fruit and so on! Also our competitor of the Tiramisù World Cup Monica Michielin prepares fantastic number cakes suitable for any special occasion with her project Numerisù! 

Photo of Numerisù by Monica Michielin 

In 2020 there is a tendency to replace classic sweeteners used in pastry making such as white sugar, honey and maple syrup with lesser known natural sweeteners: from syrup reductions of fruit such as pomegranate, dates, coconut or monk fruit (a fruit of Asian origin known for the sweetness of its pulp and long used as a sweetener in China due to its low-calorie properties) to syrups made with starches (such as sorghum, a cereal rich in fiber but gluten-free) or sweet potatoes. 

The same goes for the choice of flours, which in 2020 will see an alternative trend: a return to the past by recovering the processing of ancient grains such as teff (gluten-free cereal, obtained from the tiny seeds of a cereal originating in Ethiopia and Eritrea) or the use of chickpea, spelt, hemp and quinoa flours, in view of a recovery of biodiversity and widespread food sustainability through the use of these alternative flours! 

The latest trend comes from overseas but has already arrived in Milan: Dessert Bars are a new restaurant concept that provides a dessert-only menu combined with the art of mixology, or rather the art of preparing elaborate cocktails whose flavors blend skillfully with those of desserts. A must for true pastry lovers… who knows which cocktails could be combined with tiramisu! 😋


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