We loved the first Tiramisu Contest and so we decided to replicate it!

This time, however, the protagonists of the social challenge were the 7 Teams of the Tiramisù World Cup, who faced each other in the new Tiramisu contest “The best TWC Team of Spring” 2020! 

For a week, from 13th to 20th April, you had the chance to vote on our Facebook and Instagram profiles the tiramisu photos of your favorite Teams, in a challenge to the very last click! We did not expect all this participation but our community, once again, amazed us for its energy and positivity! 

The challenge was really felt by all the Teams and every like was indispensable! When it came to the final count, even we at the TWC sweated cold… in fact, in spite of the big score of the winning Team, all the other ones played it right on the edge of “like”! 

But now, let’s cut the chatter… are you curious to find out who made it to the podium?!   

Winning TeamTEAM CASTELLAN – 1695 like 

Second: TEAM BARDINI – 1291 like 

ThirdTEAM LUISON – 972 like 

 Don’t worry if your Team didn’t win, you still helped with your click to make it earn 30, 20 or 10 points in the Team ranking for the next TWCdepending on its position! 

Well, what can we say… this new Tiramisu Contest was really exciting and being able to share it with you and the whole Tiramisù World Cup community made this Spring sweeter and more promising! 

If you liked the contest and are curious to find out more about it… follow us on the Tiramisù World Cup Instagram profile to stay up to date with the latest news! 

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