More and more often your Instagram posts were becoming of a different colour from the usual and beloved cocoa one: red!

We realised, in fact, that in this period strawberry tiramisu is the most popular variant: fresh, light, but without losing the fantastic taste of the original tiramisù!

IG pic @lucrezia1204

So we decided that we absolutely want to find out your best strawberry tiramisu!

From May 29th to June 8th at midday CET, on Instagram, you can participate in the Tiramisù Contest “Your Best Strawberry Tiramisu”, it’s really easy!

  1. Follow our profile @tiramisuworldcup
  2. Upload a new photo on your Instagram profile with your strawberry tiramisù. Make sure your profile is set on “public”!
  3. Tag us inside the photo
  4. By the end of the contest (June 8th at noon) make sure the photo has at least 10 comments from 10 different users. Yours will not be counted!

Contest Judge: Franco Norbiato, Tiramisù Star Creative Recipe at TWC18 and winner of the Innovation Award with his amazing tiramisù with ruby chocolate and raspberries!

We can’t wait to see your pics!

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