Veneto Creators: what is it?

The Veneto Region launched the Veneto Creators project, involving 28 talented young local creators💡 The Veneto Creators are currently engaged in a stimulating digital competition, with the aim of narrating and enhancing our territory 🇮🇹 Each group has dedicated itself to a specific theme, creating digital and viral content to be shared on Instagram and TikTok 📱 The initiative has embraced cultural aspects such as food and wine, nature, history and art, while also promoting topics of great importance such as sustainability and inclusion.

Project coordination was entrusted to Veronica Civiero, an expert in digital communication, and Nicola Canal, one of the Veneto region’s most famous influencers and creators. Until 7 June, the seven teams will have the opportunity to create inspiring content, with two videos for each creator and one team content. At the end of the activity, prizes will be awarded to the three teams that have distinguished themselves for their communication and the content disseminated 🤩


Closing event: 27 May 2023

On 27 May 2023, the President of the Veneto Region met with the Veneto Creators team from Treviso at the Beltrame Institute in Vittorio Veneto 😍 The four creators were Massimo, Gloria, Elisa and Sara and Alessia from Ruote Libere! In collaboration with the students and various local associations, the creators faced a culinary challenge using products of excellence from the Veneto region, such as the asparagus of Badoere and of Cimadolmo, the traditional dessert Tiramisù and the spit 😋 The aim of the event was to create engaging content for social media, in order to enhance the region’s territory and food and wine culture.


The excellence products of the Veneto Territory

The spit: the association ‘I Maestri dello Spiedo‘ was founded in 2006 with the aim of preserving this culinary tradition of the Veneto region and passing it on to new generations through the publication of books and the organisation of thematic events. During the #VenetoCreators event in Vittorio Veneto, the association’s masters offered participants a spit prepared with chicken, pork, quail, veal and capon, seasoned with lard, sage and rosemary, and cooked for 7 hours on Carpino wood. An authentic Veneto excellence that turned out to be a real success 😎


Asparagus from Badoere and Cimadolmo are two varieties of asparagus with different characteristics due to their exposure to sunlight ☀️ The white asparagus grows indoors without direct sunlight, while the green asparagus grows above ground. The Badoere Asparagus is the only asparagus from Veneto recognised with the PGI, in both the white and green varieties. The White Asparagus of Cimadolmo, on the other hand, is cultivated on baulated rows and protected by special films that keep it perfectly white. Both were challenged during the #VenetoCreators event on Saturday 27 May in Vittorio Veneto. Elisa used Badoere asparagus to prepare a delicious risotto with Grotta cheese mousse, while Cimadolmo white asparagus was used to create two delicious starters: Gloria’s ‘vovi e sparasi’ and Sara’s egg Bavarese! 😍


Tiramisù: the original recipe for Tiramisù is an authentic Veneto speciality, and we know it! 😋 The Treviso team of #VenetoCreators, together with the young chefs of the Alberghiero Beltrame in Vittorio Veneto and the students of the Cerletti Wine School, concluded their culinary challenge with the dessert for excellence of regional cuisine: Tiramisu! Massimo, Gloria, Elisa, Sara and Alessia tried their hand at preparing tiramisù, following the traditional and creative recipes of the Tiramisù World Cup. What a thrill! 😍

Here are the recipes that were submitted during the challenge! 😋

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