Only two months to go before the sweetest challenge of the year, and the Competitors of the Tiramisù World Cup are already training to make “the best tiramisù in the world” in the Prosecco lands, among Conegliano, Pieve di Soligo, Valdobbiadene and Treviso from 1st to 4th November. And among those who decided to prepare the dessert with a range of ingredients which is different from the original ones, some are beginning to doubt if their “creative recipe” is maybe… a little too creative!

Last year someone used babà (without rum, of course), pistachios, figs or oranges (and their related jams), some used chili peppers and tobacco, others hazarded with a recipe that included the red onion of Tropea or wasabi. However, this year the requests seems to be even more “bizarre”. Many competitors who decided to join the Tiramisù World Cup this year in the “creative recipe” are asking for some clarifications and information, trying to solve their doubts. And some  of them are really particular.

“Can I put the fish paté in the Tiramisù?”, “A recipe with sweet corn can be admitted?”, “I’d like to use pineapple…”, “Can it be salted?”, “I use custard for the cream”. Those are just some of the many requests that Twissen, headquarter of the Tiramisù World Cup, receives everyday. Some people also proposed a version with bananas, strawberries or ricotta cheese (variations already seen last year, some of them are described in the “recipes” section on the website, which is also dedicated to the registrations,, and some asked if it was possible to assemble it in a typical sushi shape.

«Beyond the respect of the rules of the competition, the most important thing is not to distort the original nature of Tiramisù” – states Roberto Lestani, president of the Italian Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate (FIPGC), which also supports the event – . Creativity is welcomed, then the judges will assess if the combination of the ingredients is balanced and tasty. In fact, the news of this edition is the double chance to become a World Champion, as the competition will proclaim a “World Champion of Creative Tiramisù” and one for the “Original Tiramisù”, to reward both of the recipes».

And the double “champion” encouraged some competitors to test themselves in a double challenge, by signing up both in the original (approved by the Italian Academy of Cuisine, which includes mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, sugar, coffee, eggs and cocoa powder) and in the creative recipe, choosing two different days and locations of the competition: «The regulation allows it – explains Francesco Redi from Twissen, organiser and creator of the TWC – . So, the competitors will have the chance to stay for more than one day in the Prosecco lands, discovering the cities that are hosting the competition, the cultural and gastronomic traditions of the entire “Marca” (the Treviso area) and of its main city, Treviso».

For the competition, the Tiramisù World Cup chose the “ingredients” by the following companies: Matilde Vicenzi (ladyfingers), Hausbrandt (coffee), Lattebusche (mascarpone cheese). Besides them, Astoria Wines, Dolcefreddo Moralberti, Tognana Porcellane and Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel.

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