Just a few hours after the announcement published on Instagram of the Tiramisù World Cup 2020, which is looking for 100 judges for the competitions on 30th and 31st October 2020 in Treviso to choose the best tiramisu in the world

Treviso, 21st September 2020_In Italy everyone is getting crazy for tiramisu. The social media of the Tiramisù World Cup have been literally rushed after the applications to become one of the 100 judges of the Tiramisù World Cup 2020 have been opened on Instagram. A total of 200 tiramisu to taste and two days in which you can win a place among the lucky jurors: 30th and 31st October in Piazza dei Signori in Treviso during the selections of the Tiramisù World Cup. As last year, anyone over 18 can register for the online test and answer the 15 questions about the tiramisu and the competition rules. There are two novelties this year: the tests will be on Instagram and the selections of judges will be even stricter due to the involvement of the Tiramisù Academy. The precious winning recipes will stay secret and will be stored in a safe like the one used for jewellery. The secrets of the best tiramisu in the world will be safe and kept in the Consultinvest vault in Piazza Sant’Andrea in Treviso.

In order to obtain the highest score and hope to be part of the jury, whoever chooses to respond to the most delicious announcement of the year, must have read the competition rules in detail, but also prove that they have consulted the website http://www.tiramisuworldcup.com/. Questions vary from knowledge of the dessert’s recipe to the specific cases that may arise during the competition. Those who are selected as judges must be able to judge the tiramisu, according to all the criteria, both in the original recipe and in the creative one: from the technical execution to the aesthetic presentation, from the intensity of the taste to the balance among the ingredients ss well as the flavour and harmony (https://tiramisuworldcup.com/le-regole/). And while for the Grand Final on 1st November in Treviso there will be a jury of “experts” only, in the selections anyone can become a judge, precisely because tiramisu is the most popular dessert on the planet.

In the past years thousands of people from all over the world have tried the test: “This year the test will be different because it will pass through Instagram – explains Francesco Redi of Twissen, creator and organiser of the Tiramisù World Cup – and the test will be even stricter because the judges will be selected through the Tiramisù Academy” The Association was born to spread tiramisu in the world as well as Italian cultural values. And almost all members come from outside Italy, such as Belgium, Great Britain and Brazil. Among them there is Ugo Massabò, who warns the candidates: “In Great Britain, consumers are learning how to recognise real tiramisu and are becoming more and more demanding”, while Simona Ferretti recalls that “in Belgium tiramisu is much loved, especially in its creative version” and “as Italian chefs we make sure that respect for the tradition is safeguarded”. Roberta Goncalves, another member of the Tiramisù Academy, explains that “in Brazil they love the original version even though there are several tasty ones with fruit” and that “it is difficult to find all the basic ingredients”. Finally, Andrea Mattana, vice-president, gives a warning and makes a wish: “Tiramisù is an ambassador of Italianness, with a strong tradition, but with an important future”.

The winning recipes of the Tiramisù World Cup 2020, the traditional and the creative one, will be classified in order to be delivered to posterity and become part of our history. They will be kept in the vault of Consultinvest Investimenti Sim: in the same way as heritage is protected, safeguarded and enhanced, also these valuable re-interpretations of the sweet symbol of the city will be preciously protected. “For thirty years we have cherished any patrimony entrusted to us and we have taken care of it by making it grow – says Luca Zanata, financial consultant and owner of the Treviso office Consultinvest Investimenti Sim -. With the same professionalism and commitment we will safeguard the recipes of the world champions of Tiramisù. For us, this participation further strengthens our ties with the territory, based on the sharing of historical, moral and economic values”.

The delivery of the recipes, in a sealed envelope, will take place at the end of the Tiramisù World Cup 2020 on Sunday 1st November at 7.00 p.m. in the office in Piazza Sant’Andrea.

For the competition, the Tiramisù World Cup has chosen the “ingredients” of the following companies: Matilde Vicenzi (ladyfingers), Hausbrandt (coffee), Lattebusche (mascarpone), Barilla (Pavesini), Amadori (eggs); in addition to them, Tognana Porcellane (official plate supplier), Ascotrade (official energy supplier), Consultinvest, Dolcefreddo Moralberti and Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel.

RDS 100% Grandi Successi is the official radio of the Tiramisù World Cup 2020.

For any information, it is possible to consult the website http://www.tiramisuworldcup.com/.

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