The Tiramisù World Cup, held in Treviso and in the Prosecco hills from Nov 1st to Nov 4th, is now over. The final challenge, which took place in the city centre of Treviso, was won by Diletta Scandiuzzi, 34-years-old opera singer from Treviso for the original recipe, while the creative recipe category was won by Francesca Piovesana, 44-years-old physiotherapist from Casier, a town near Treviso, who added ginger and cinnamon to the traditional tiramisù recipe.

First and foremost, it was a huge fest for all the participants and for the crowd that came to see the competition, which took place in the Chamber of Commerce in Treviso.

Among the 60 semifinalists who passed the selections held in Conegliano, Pieve di Soligo and Valdobbiadene, only 6 of them gained the final stage, three for the original recipe and three for the creative recipe. The finalists were five women and one man to compete for the two aspired titles of World Champion of Tiramisù 2018 and World Champion of Creative Tiramisù 2018.

The two winners were incredulous: «It’s like living in a dream – says Diletta Scandiuzzi who on stage almost bursted into tears -. It’s an hobby which brought me here, only the fact that I reached the final competition was a victory to me». «I had a lot of fun and it was a wonderful emotion: I joined the competition as a game and it went very good» says Francesca Piovesana, mother of three, who wanted to thank her family which always supported her.

Here are the names of who gained the second and the third place: Moira Bardini from Ponzano Veneto, and Lisa Luison from Scorzé; for the creative recipe: Franco Norbiato from Spinea and Gioia Zaghini from Cesena.

«I want to thank everybody for this incredible edition – says Francesco Redi of Twissen, organiser of the TWC -. In the enthusiasm of the experience, our thought goes to the Belluno lands, which are currently going through very tough times».

«As in 2017, also in this edition during the selections we had several people from foreign countries, beyond of course many Italian participants. This is an important fact, proving that the popularity and the attractiveness of the dessert is actually international, as the matching with the Prosecco. One of this year’s news was the introduction of another champion, one for the original recipe and one for the creative one: the effort of the participants was strong, proving that the Tiramisù World Cup is both a game and a real challenge».

The final jury included Roberto “Loli” Linguanotto, traditional father of Tiramisù, Andrea Ciccolella, World Champion of Tiramisù 2017, Matteo Berti, director of studies at ALMA (school created by Gualtiero Marchesi), Angelo Gala of FIPGC (Italian Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate), Dania Sartorato of FIPE (Italian federation for bars and restaurants), Federico Caner, Regione Veneto assessor, Lavinia Colonna Preti, Comune di Treviso assessor.

Surprise member was Mr. Giuseppe Vicenzi, grandson of Matilde and president of Vicenzi Group, which currently has the name of its founder: «This event is an extreme celebration of Tiramisù and reminds me of y childhood when, standing on a fruit crate, I was watching and admiring my grandmother, Matilde, who was preparing Tiramisù. She dipped the ladyfingers in the coffee with her secret ingredient, a small glass of Marsala wine. In this fest, I can live again that passion and I am honored to be a part of it this year again with my Vicenzovo ladyfingers».

For the competition, the Tiramisù World Cup chose the “ingredients” of: Matilde Vicenzi (ladyfingers), Hausbrandt (coffee), Lattebusche (mascarpone cheese), Perugina (bitter cocoa powder), Amadori (eggs) and Italia Zuccheri (sugar). Beyond them, also Astoria Wines, Dolcefreddo Moralberti, Ascotrade (official provider of energy), Tognana Porcellane and Best Western Premier BHR Treviso Hotel, Bi Holiday by Biasuzzi.

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