Recipe by Alessandra Vendemiati, Finalist at the Original Recipe at TWC22

A very simple way to use the egg white left over from the preparation of tiramisu is to make meringues, in a more elaborate but successful version!
Here is the recipe for making her majesty PAVLOVA 👑 (also in a single-portion version)  


for the meringue:
150 g Amadori egg white  
280 g caster sugar  
a few drops of lemon
vanilla flavouring  

for the mascarpone frosting:
250 g mascarpone cheese 
80 g icing sugar 
500 g cream (if already sweetened, omit icing sugar)  
vanilla flavouring  
red fruits as decoration   


Whisk the egg whites adding the caster sugar a little at a time, lastly add the vanilla flavouring.  
Once the egg whites are well whipped, put the mixture into a pastry bag with a star-shaped nozzle. Create small meringue baskets on baking paper or a micro-perforated mat. For the cake-shaped version, create a larger base.  
Bake at 100°C for about 90/120 minutes with fan baking. The meringues should not bake but dry.  
In the meantime, prepare the mascarpone frosting, put the cream, mascarpone and icing sugar in the planetary mixer, whip everything together, lastly add the vanilla. 
Put the cream in a pastry bag with the nozzle you prefer and dress the cream on the cold meringue baskets until they are full. Lastly add the red fruits that will give a touch of acidity and beauty to the dessert.