This recipe is by Patrizia Casadio, second place in the Contest “Your Venetian Tiramisu”


80g of pasteurised yolk (about 5 yolks)
125g of pasteurised egg white 
250g of sugar 
50ml of water 
500g of mascarpone cheese 
Cold coffee 
50g of crumbled amaretti 
Bitter cocoa to taste 
Organic lemon zest to taste 
Marsala liqueur to taste 
Black sugar paste for modelling (for the decorations) 


Prepare the coffee and add a tablespoon of Marsala and let it cool. Whip the egg yolks with the lemon zest; once they are well whipped add the mascarpone until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Prepare the Italian meringue: pour  water and sugar into a saucepan and bring to 121°. In the meantime, start whipping the egg whites in the planetary mixer at low speed, add the syrup of water and sugar and continue whipping at maximum speed. The meringue will be ready when it looks shiny, dense, smooth and cold. At this point, add about 5 tablespoons of Italian meringue to the mascarpone cream, while stirring delicately. The remaining meringue will be used in a sac a poche for the decorations.

Assembling the cake: 
The base of the cake is composed of 10 ladyfingers soaked in coffee, then a layer of cream, a layer of amaretti, another layer of ladyfingers composed of 8 pieces, a layer of cream and one of amaretti, a third layer of ladyfingers composed of 6 pieces, cream and amaretti and one final layer with four ladyfingers, cream and amaretti. Using an elbow spatula, level the cream and sprinkle with cocoa. Cut the ladyfingers to create the side of the bridge, wet them with the coffee and make them stick to the cake by using some cream. Create the decoration of the waves of the sea with the meringue and the sac a poche with star writing nozzle and use a blowtorch to caramelise the meringue. Roll out the sugar paste and cut the gondola and the lovers decorations with a kitchen scalpel.

Pastry chef’s advice:
The sugarpaste decorations should be prepared a couple of days in advance so that they dry well and become stiff. The eggs must be at room temperature so that they whip easily.
Enjoy your dessert!