This recipe is by Susanna Pistolato, Semifinalist for the Creative Recipe at the Tiramisù World Cup 2019
(Susanna took inspiration from Davide Selogna ‘recipes)


1. For the almond shortbread
250g of 00 flour
80g of almond flour 
60g of whole eggs
150g of butter (room temperature) 
110g of icing sugar
1g of salt 
½ vanilla bean

2. For the raspberry gelée
120g of raspberries 
5g of gelatin sheets 
25g of water 
25g of white sugar 

3. For the mascarpone cream with lemon and lime
250g of mascarpone cheese 
125g of custard 
20g of icing sugar 
Lemon and lime zest


1. For the almond shortbread
Sanding method; pour the butter, the flours, the scent and the salt. When the mixture is sandy, add the icing sugar and the eggs, knead everything until the dough is soft and not sticky. This type of shortbread does not need to rest. Roll out the shortbread between two sheets of baking paper and put it in the freezer to make it thicken and to place it easily in the perforated tart ring. Bake at 165° in a convection oven.

2. For the raspberry gelée
Start by hydrating the gelatin sheets in its water, meanwhile put the raspberries with sugar in the mixer. Heat the mixture to melt the gelatin sheets that you will add. You can put this gelee in the shortbread shell and place it in the freezer. Keep aside a small amount of mixture that you can use to fill the raspberries for the decoration.

3. For the mascarpone cream with lemon and lime
Whip the mascarpone cheese together with the icing sugar, then add the custard and whip again. To finish, add the lime and lemon zest by mixing everything thoroughly.

4. For the decoration
Decorate with almond shortbread cookies, fresh raspberries filled with their gelee, some mint leaves and some edible flowers.