This recipe is by Bruna Pimenta (@bru.chili), 3° place in the Culinary Contest “Find the best Mascarpone Recipe” at IG Festival Mascarpone


1. For the dough 
100g of wheat flour
100g of sugar
80g of butter

2. For the cream
100g of condensed milk
300ml of milk
30g of butter
200g of mascarpone cheese 

3. For the jam
300g of pineapple
150g of sugar


To prepare the dough mix the butter with the flour to form a mixture and then add the egg. Roll out on a cake tin and bake until it is golden brown. 
To prepare the cream bake all the ingredients except for the mascarpone. After the mixture has thickened and cooled, add the mascarpone cheese.
For the jam, cut the pineapple into cubes and bake with sugar and lemon. 
Assemble the cake: arrange the layers, starting with the jam on the base, then cover with mascarpone cream and decorate with meringue, pineapple slices and dried pineapple flowers.