This recipe is by Beatrice Elisabetta Castellan, Finalist Star for the Original Recipe at the Tiramisù World Cup 2019


250gr of Mascarpone cheese

2 eggs


Bitter cocoa powder

Biscuits – donuts with chocolate chips

Bitter moka coffee


Prepare some coffee (the amount for 4 people) and let it cool in a soup plate.

Take two steel bowls and separate the yolks from the egg whites (whip them separately).

Beat the yolks by hand with 5 tablespoons of sugar until they have reached a frothy consistency and the sugar has melted.

Then mix the mascarpone, just taken out of the fridge, by hand with the yolk and sugar mixture.

Add to the cream two tablespoons of egg white whipped stiffly, taking care to mix it from the bottom to the top.

Transfer the cream into a sac à poche.

Wet a donut on both sides and place it on a plate, add the mascarpone cream and a sprinkling of cocoa.

Layer with three biscuits and mascarpone cream, paying attention not to forget a snowfall of cocoa.

To give your tiramisu the Pisa tower shape, place the biscuits, above the mascarpone cream, a few degrees to the right of the lower layer.

Taste the tiramisu instantly so that someone doesn’t do it before you!