This recipe is by Gianmarco Zamuner, barman, and Elisa Chironna, sommelier 

Ph credits: Marco Compiano and Marta Costanzo


7cl of Prosecco 

4,5cl of coffee liqueur  

1cl of amaretto 

Fresh cream 

Few drops of chocolate bitter 

Ladyfinger crumble 


Crumble the Savoyard and place it on a saucer and put some spoons of Prosecco on another saucer. 

Wet the edge of the glass in Prosecco and then pass it in the Savoyard crumble. 

Put some ice cubes in the glass taking care not to spoil the crumble. Add the Prosecco, then the coffee liqueur and then the amaretto and stir. 

Whip the cream so that it remains soft and lay the cream on top of the liquid using a spoon to form a layer. 

Add a few drops of chocolate bitter.