This recipe is by Francesca Gaiotto, Finalist of the Creative Recipe at TWC22


for 1 serving (1 serving per person is served)  

1 walnut 
1 savoiardo  Matilde Vicenzi
1 teaspoon of coffee Hausbrandt
Cocoa to taste Campagnoli
1 teaspoon fig jam 
Gorgonzola cheese to taste 

For the cream (serves for multiple servings)  

125gr mascarpone cheese Lattebusche
1 yolk Amadori
Sugar to taste Italia Zuccheri


Cut the savoiardo in half on the long side and then in half again, obtaining a small rectangle. Place a spoonful of jam in the dish, lay the ladyfinger on top with a teaspoon of coffee, on top again the walnut coated with the gorgonzola. Whip eggs, sugar and mascarpone. Make spreads with the cream, so as to cover the walnut. Sprinkle with cocoa.