Because of its flavour and creaminess, Lattebusche mascarpone is mainly used in the preparation of delicious desserts and pastries, among which tiramisu is the undisputed star!  

However, the versatility of this cheese also makes it perfect for savoury recipes. Here are three quick ideas for your summer kitchen:  

1. Coloured mascarpone canapés  

Canapés are perfect for a quick appetiser to suit all palates. You can make several types of cream: 

  • Fancy the sea: mix tuna and mascarpone cheese, adding a pinch of salt. The result is a light pink mousse, perfect with mushrooms;  
  • Intense flavour: mix mascarpone with gorgonzola cheese (quantity as desired), spread a spoonful on your favourite croutons and sprinkle with Speck cut into strips and made crispy in a frying pan;  
  • In the Green version: To make your aperitif a bit greener, you can combine the mascarpone cheese with chopped and sautéed courgettes. For a crunchy touch, whisk it together with some walnuts.  

2. Paccheri in red with mascarpone

Why settle for a simple tomato pasta dish when you can be daring?   

While you are cooking your favourite pasta (we chose paccheri, because they are perfectly suited to a creamy sauce), chop a handful of sun-dried tomatoes with the mixer, add the Lattebusche mascarpone cheese, EVO oil, salt and parsley. Once the pasta is ready, add it to the sauce in a frying pan, a grating of Piave DOP Vecchio Selezione Oro cheese and you’re done!  

3. Couscous gnocchi with Mascarpone, semi-dried tomatoes and walnuts 

For the more experienced hors d’oeuvres and appetisers, this recipe comes directly from Lattebusche’s recipe site. Among the various ingredients of the original version, you will also find anchovies in oil and rocket, which you can possibly replace with chopped peppers and courgettes!  

You got it right, with a little creativity, you can use mascarpone to make lots of sweet and savoury recipes! If you invite us for dinner, remember to always end with a good tiramisu 😜