This recipe is by Patrizia Casadio @la_pasticcioneria, Contest “Your Best Strawberry Tiramisu”


For the pate à bombe
4 yolks
80g of sugar
50g of water

For the mascarpone cream
300g of mascarpone cheese Lattebusche 
300g of whipped cream


For the ganache
100g of white chocolate
100g of whipped cream
Grated coconut


Prepare the syrup with half of the sugar and all the water and bring it to 121°. Slightly beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar. Gradually incorporate the syrup into the yolks. Continue to beat with the whisk or mixer until completely cooled.
Heat a small part of the pate à bombe and dissolve in it 6g of gelatin soaked in cold water.
Add the pate à bombe to the mascarpone cream made with Lattebusche mascarpone, whipped cream and dissolved gelatin.
Cut small pieces of ladyfingers and strawberries, mix with the cream you obtained and fill the ice-cream moulds, put them in the freezer and, once when they are well frozen, unmould them.
At this point glaze with white chocolate ganache, you can also enrich the decoration by adding pink colouring to a small part of ganache and creating lines on the ice cream. For a tasty touch, decorate the edge with coconut rapè.