This recipe is by Susanna Pistolato, Semifinalist at Tiramisù World Cup 2019


1 package of Pavesini flour milled
250g of mascarpone cheese
50g egg yolk 
70g of sugar
4g of gelatine
Bitter cocoa
White and dark chocolate


Prepare the coffee. In the meantime, soften the gelatine in the water, add it to the lightly sweetened coffee and place it in the freezer in small semi-spherical moulds to create the gelée.
To prepare the mascarpone cream, first whip the egg yolks with the sugar, add the ground Pavesini and a little rum (alternatively non-alcoholic rum flavouring). Mix and add a little at a time the mascarpone cold from the fridge.
Once you have obtained a homogeneous cream, pour it into semi-spherical moulds larger than the previous ones, without filling them too much; put the already solidified coffee gelèe inside.
Once frozen, remove the two large hemispheres from the moulds and join them to create a ball that you will decorate with a little bit of bitter cocoa and white chocolate poured over. Using the dark chocolate, make the hook of the ball and spray it with gold.
For the base, decorate with mascarpone cream, dark chocolate and some stars created with Pavesini.